Amazon’s Pilot Season

I’ll probably check out a lot of the new pilots from Amazon. My picks are below.¬†View the new shows at

Man In the High CastleBased on Philip K. Dick’s award-winning novel, The Man in the High Castle explores what it would be like if the Allied Powers had lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled¬†the United States.


The New Yorker PresentsAmerica’s most award-winning magazine comes to life in this new docu-series.



Mad DogsWhen a group of underachieving 40-something friends gather in Belize to celebrate the early retirement of an old friend, a series of wild,comedic events unfold, exposing dark secrets and a web of lies, deception and murder.

Salem RogersAfter a decade in rehab, an abrasive former supermodel tries to recreate her success in a new world she barely recognizes, relying on the help of her browbeaten former assistant.


Down DogA handsome, carefree yoga instructor has breezed through life, women, and jobs, but when he breaks up with his girlfriend — who’s also his partner at their successful yoga studio — he’s forced to face reality for the first time.

January Watch List

January has been a slow month for content as shows are on hiatus, and I’ve been planning vacations and working a lot of overtime. We recently dove in to HBO’s Big Love and are nearly through season 2. Bletchley Circle season 2 started, Call the Midwife season 3 is a go, and we are going to watch Broadchurch as it has rave reviews. I’ve realized that a lot of the “across the pond” shows I need to download in HD as the SD versions show too much pixelation for me. It’s a tad irritating as the US shows I can grab in SD, saving a lot of space and bandwidth, and not have issues.

I started doing Bing searches to get rewards and redeem them for months of Hulu Plus. It only saves me $8/mo, but I’m currently paid through March. What can I say? I’m cheap!

December Watch List

December has been a light watch month with holidays taking precedence over anything else. We have been on a documentary kick lately, watching flicks about orca whales making friends in the wild, broke athletes, and the fall from grace of a timeshare mogul. I recently started watching HBO’s new series Getting On. I love Niecy Nash and think she makes the show. We’ll likely check out HBO’s other new series, Looking, launching in January. I did nab the Call the Midwife Christmas special and the Downton Abbey Christmas special, but have yet to watch either. I also need to watch the IT Crowd Manual. Moving in to 2014, Sherlock returns so I’ll definitely been checking out the new season.

September Watch List v1

I finished the second season of Call the Midwife. It was, just like the first, superb. I managed to get current on FX’s The Bridge and it has been an exciting first season. I’m now enthralled with Sons of Anarchy and am 1/3 of the way through it. As the 6th season is coming to air next week I am trying to get current so I can catch up and watch it in real-time. Muscling through that much TV in a week will likely be a challenge, but I pace it at 2 or 3 episodes per day. I did watch a couple of episodes of Suits and have found that to be a good show, but mix it in very sparingly. I’ve still yet to watch more Under the Dome, but will make time for it after I am current on SoA.

Sprout complained for the first time this week. She said something like Hulu not keeping up with her shows. I don’t keep up with her shows and have no idea if they’re on hiatus or what. I will have to check that out this week so I can figure out how to keep her happy. I remember when I was ten my parents FINALLY got cable in the house and it was exciting to watch Nickelodeon as I’d heard people talking about it but had never really watched any of it, but I was much happier listening to music and solving puzzles in my room than watching TV. Sprout loves her shows, laughs at them, and just really enjoys vegging out in front of the TV so I have to get this researched and fixed! I did pick up a copy of Sims 3 for her to play so that has kept her occupied and not obsessing over TV.

The only snag I’ve hit thus far was trying to figure out the best/fastest way to get content. For example, I ascertained an episode of Suits via Sickbeard but then found out I could watch seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime (in HD!) and if I get current I can watch the airing season on Hulu+. It is somewhat confusing having to hop around and I have really struggled working out a way to figure out the most ideal and efficient way. I’m still using Trakt, which is good for tracking what I’ve seen or missed, but it doesn’t guide me to find the content. I’ve even gone full nerd and created a spreadsheet.

Reading / Watching Lists

Since I moved into a new house I find that I am going to the library more. The St. Louis County Library has a better website than the other county where I used to live. I typically order books online and then pick them up when they all get there. I also cruise the library and get a few non-fiction titles. This is what I am reading:

Are You My Mother? by Alison Bechdel. I’m a super fan of Bechdel so I bought this one.
B is for Beer by Tom Robbins
Black Hole by Charles Burns
Habibi by Craig Thompson, the author of Blankets.
Why I Became an Atheist by John Loftus
Best American Comics of 2011, edited by Bechdel, Abel, and Madden.

I spend more time reading than watching TV. Although, I devote Sundays to television. This is what I am currently watching:

Mad Men on AMC.
The Killing on AMC.
Downton Abbey (Season 2) on DVD.
How The Universe Works on Discovery (available on Netflix)
Through the Wormhole narrated by Morgan Freeman begins June 6th!