DIY Music Cabinet

Console Record Player Retrofit

I’d like to add this to my “to-do within the next five years” list. I adore the idea of having an old school music cabinet. My guts would be a little different. I’d probably thrown an AppleTV in for the storage/playback and then I would be able to control it around the house with my iPhone and iPad. I would probably create some kind of bracket above the cabinet to mount the iPad to the wall for music selection.

“…[This is] a retrofit of a late-1960s era cabinet record player. It’s a Fleetwood model 4057, made in Montreal… It came complete with AM and shortwave radio, record player and tape input, powered by a tube amp rated for 117 V, 0.95 A at the input…The guts were all removed and replaced by a modern turntable, digital music player, amplifier and controller.