The One Who Got Away

The One Who Got Away

via Kottke

What we remember — and what we forget — may reveal more about ourselves than about them. We have photos, letters, souvenirs, and fragments of memory, but our powerful imagination takes over from there: We color in the blanks. And that’s OK. Retouching old loves is a way of understanding what we want. It helps us find our way to new ones.


Oh, Holy Jesus… Daytum!

Whether you would like to tally an afternoon or a year, Daytum can help you collect and communicate the most important statistics in your life. From an up-to-the-moment personal dashboard, to a tabulation of an event, a home for sports scores, or as a corporate tool, the uses for Daytum may be limitless.

I’m in, and after hours of messing with it, have gone Plus.