Pizza is my holy grail. It is hard to make good pizza. I’ve had some major flops, but am getting better with practice. I made FWSY‘s Saturday white over the weekend and set some dough back. Ready for some pizza porn?

Dough pressed down in the middle. Keep the edges puffy.

Stretching with knuckles

Flattened Dough

Dressed. Garlic, butter, and a little olive oil. Fresh mozzarella topped with black pepper.

Cooking. That oven spring! Probably needed more stretching or needed less dough.

Done. This pizza was for my wife. She loved it.
White Pizza

Slight leoparding on the bottom. I’m very happy about that, but would like to see more. Maybe I need a different stone.

Here’s my pizza. Nearly the same as above, but with some vine tomatoes added in. Mine was left in too long, I think.
Tomato Pizza


The recipe I used calls for baking soda water. These turned out pretty well, but I hear a lye dip will give better crust and color. I’d substitute whites for yolk next time.

Puffy dough after an hour rise.

Shaped. I’m not the best pretzel shaper, but these look ok.IMG_4940

Hot out of the oven. Looking good. Looks like the single and double twists look the best. Got one good triple twist. They need mustard!