My foray into Vinyl

My birthday is in a few weeks and my wife got me a Denon DP-300F turntable. I hooked it up in my bookcase, wired it to a new Insignia NS-STR514 Bluetooth 2-way receiver (which also supports FM radio), drilled some holes and ran some new Polk T15 bookshelf speakers. This setup is quite the upgrade from the basic wireless speaker we have been using. We were also playing music through the TV, but the sound bar doesn’t sound too great. I also intend to Bluetooth our Echo Dot to the receiver for Spotify playback.

I’ve bought a few records and intend to grow my collection. I’ve set up a wishlist on Discogs and hope to score some good deals on some wanted records. I’ve set up a subdomain with my collection and you can view it at I’ve also added a link to it in my sidebar. I really want to secure the John Mayer 180g records. I have Battle Studies thus far, but have to save up for the others. I intend to spend a lot of my “hobby money” on records, but some of them are so darn expensive. Continuum will likely be my next purchase.

Motorola Buds

We get a lot of free “promo” stuff in this house from our jobs, either via contests and giveaways or items just showing up at the door unexpected. It seems 2013 Christmas season was focussed on Audio. We received 3 Bluetooth speakers: the attractive Bose SoundLink, the bassy TDK A33, and a colorful Logitech UE. The Bose, nestled in to our bookshelf in the living room, sees use when I sit in my recliner and cruise the internet. The TDK is in the master. We gave the UE to Sprout for Christmas to use with her iPad.

It was a lot of fun to keep receiving fun new products and then, out of nowhere, a set of Motorola Buds showed up on the doorstep. I love music and especially love listening to music through headphones but I hate wearing them because of the constant aggravation of the cord. My arms are always tangling up in it, or it’s draped across the keyboard annoyingly, or it catches on the countertop. I threw these on and made a swimming motion. They are lightweight, have excellently placed controls, have suprisingly balanced sound, and are very well designed. It’s wonderful being introduced to freedom from the cord. They have pushed me to strongly consider a pair of Studio Beats in hawt Matte Black, but I’d really like to get my hands on a pair of Sennheisers.

Motorola Buds