So last night my friend Lori comes over and she wants me to go to her house and check why her PC is not displaying anything on the monitor. I am checking things and I get it to boot and it tells me there is no mouse and I check the back and she has something plugged into the mouse port. So I am “hmmm”ing and then I decide to check and make sure it is the right wire. She had wires all over. I then find out she has a keyboard plugged into the mouse port. I have to reboot again. Finally I get in and I am fooling around with stuff. This computer was a dinosaur. Win98 and get this…32MB of RAM. I told her to start buying herself parts and fuck this piece of shit.

So we are leaving and then I remember that I gave her my hoodie like weeks before and since I was at her house it would be great if I could get it back. She tells me she doesn’t know where it is but she will go look. I told her to find that shit. She comes back out empty handed. I am fumed. I get in the car and she asks me what I want to eat and I say, “My hoodie.” She says, “You’ll get it BACK. And if you don’t I can hear about it forever.” I’m like, “Dude I can’t believe that is even a possibility.” So then she says, “Where do you want to go?” And I say, “to get my hoodie.” She turns the car around and we drive back to her house. She goes in and I go in after. She heads to her room mumbling that she is gonna check her drawers. So, I’m all, “Uh huh”. Lori has a roommate that has a boyfriend. I am going to look in her roommates room because i know the bastard is wearing my hoodie or it’s in his closet. I go in their room and I am scanning. And I see it.. folded nicely.. on the bed! I start screaming, “Found it! Come pick it up for me.. I don’t wanna touch their shit…” She comes in and says, “Fucking bitch… I am gonna kick that bitch’s ass.” Sure.. so we decide that we are going back to my house and we are gonna drzink. We get in her car and pull into the street and she slams on the brake and goes, “I found money!! Oh my God!” She hops out and comes back with a dollar. One dollar. Niiice…

Lori and I went and got some drinks and we were sitting outside. We started telling stories about gang bangers shooting families with BB guns and Fendi purses made out of people’s skin. “I’m a Fendi!”… and we were talking about Cabbage Patch Kids and she said they were actually stuffed kids from Ethiopia and I was like, “Damn and they sew their clothes to them…” And Lori’s like, “No.. I could take mine’s clothes off. Even the panities” (which is pronounced like vanities, evidently). So I ran around all night yelling about panities. This is the same girl that can’t remember if her mom “showed” her how to put a tampon in or just told her so graphically that there is an image embedded in her brain. She is totally scarred. That’s funny shit.


Oh my.. I was chatting with my boy, zachary from yesterday and mentioned theming a PC. I had never used a tweak or a theme before. So, he tells me to get StyleXP. It’s shareware so it’s bound to expire.. unless of course you patch it. I grabbed a very very nice key generator off kazaa. Software never expires and free upgrades for a year. Thanks! So I themed my desktop, changed my log in screen and I found a sweet desktop background to go with my theme. To get themes you go to and you can grab a lot of stuff. I love my theme, but am most excited about my desktop background.

Check it out: It supports three different screen resolutions. 800X600, 1024X768 and 1200X900. With my theme, it looks beautimous. I have had the shittiest day, today. Had a fucked up convo with my friend. My sister left both of her kids here today for 9 hours and I am bouncing back and forth trying to get shit done.

I decided to pop in the CSI game for the PC. I played it months ago and got really bored today. It appears they are releasing another edition. If it is anything like the first I am a definite buyer. The previous link states that “…no specific details have been released on the game’s features, and Ubi Soft hasn’t specified which platforms the game will ship for…” Ooooh.. I doubt it will hit anything but the PC. It’s a great game, although I find there to be too much dialogue. I have a thing for Catherine so I can listen to her over and over again telling me to “process the evidence before collecting it”. Rrrooww Rrroowww….

Was it dh43@sidc or s98qw6x#r1?

Am I a paranoid freak or what? Changed all of my passwords today to everything. I have so many that I have to write them down. I have three site admin passwords, control panel, FTP, e-mail, bank, paypal, forum and casual passwords. I need to find some sort of password software where you can keep them in a program and they’re encrypted on your hard drive and then when you have to enter them, your password software pops up and it will enter it for you. I was reading about it in PC World last night. Today, I subscribed to the magazine. I am excited. I love getting mail. I love getting good mail even more. I will have to skim through and see if it had a freeware version and if not.. umm.. maybe kazaa-lite does. I am so wrong…


Where the fuck have I been? I was doing so well. I have decided that even though the community at has come up with alternatives to the file sharing that I would still like to not be in charge. That site has a mark on it. Or so my brain thinks.

I got this wild 3D world rendering software today. Actually, I just got it about 20 minutes ago. It’s Corel’s Bryce 5. I was fooling with it a little bit, dreaming of building a world similar to Myst. Myst was a great game. Although, I think its sequel, Riven was even more mind blowing. It was the first game I bought for my laptop. I would sit in my bed at like 1:00 in the morning with head phones on, playing my little game. I understand there is a third part to the story called Exile. I have not played and it appears I never will until they update it for XP. Uru, the fourth part is going to run on XP and it looks pretty cool. It comes out in November. With it brings the service Uru Live:

“…With Uru Live, the online service of Uru, you can explore new ages and areas of the D’ni civilization, unravel new mysteries, participate in the ongoing story, and adventure in a world that continually changes and expands. Exciting new content will be downloaded regularly, providing an adventure experience that is fresh and ever-changing.”’s product description page

That all sounds damn fine and dandy. It’s just a shame that PC software is so expensive when it comes out. I cannot possibly conceive paying 40, 50 or 60 dollars for a game anymore. I can never see myself spending money again. Well, there is one thing I want to buy. It’s the Webmaster’s Palette Poster from the Visibone site. My professor, this past Tuesday, was explaining about the color chart and scheming. So, you do an entire site in a scheme or a section staying within a petal, if you will, of the color chart. Then to set it off, or for the *POP* you pick something directly across from the color wheel.. on the opposite end.

I was messing around in Dreamweaver and this “scheme” actually works pretty well. I tend to go with blues and greens as my main colors and it leaves with yellows and purples as my *POP*s… but the blues and yellow scheme, depending on the yellow actually worked out perfectly. I designed a site in tables and everything was blue. I decided to fill my navigation table with a rich yellow, almost gold. It looked pretty sharp. left behind…

I was trying to FTP some things to today and I noticed that they weren’t showing up. So I was puzzled, thinking it was the module that I was trying to send..but, no. And so… I sent an e-mail to my host’s support team. No response yet. Then I decided to run a DNS report. It appears, the domain name, was left behind on the Pluto server. Woe is me. So, I wrote my support team back and told them I found the problem and solution and asked them to take action. Hopefully they do. They tend to slack off a little and forget to do things. You have to stay on em… But, oh well.. They are normally very good about response time which makes me wonder if they are even getting my e-mails. That would suck. So everything I sent has been sent to a sub folder at my main domain. How weird! I never knew that existed. I am thinking about getting a reseller account so I can have to separate control panels for the two sites. This way, if I want to get into reselling I have an idea of how to do so. I think it would be pretty cool. My host has some pretty reasonable plans for reselling, but they are not that good in comparison to another host I found. Citadelhost has plans that blow Crediblehost out of the water.

They have a plan that provides 2 GB of space and 30 GB of bandwith for a dollar more than I am paying now. A dollar! To get that with CredibleHost I would have to fork over another $7 a month. And, Citadelhost has great reviews at Web Hosting Talk forums. Will I make the switch? I am unsure. If my host now gets my current dilemmas worked out soon enough, then probably not.

Speak of the devil. Received three e-mails just now from my host. She switched the nameservers for YAY! And she is checking the webmail for me. I am not able to get any outside connection to the mail server. I can access mail through the browser, but not with Incredimail or MS LookOut!!. Checking 5 e-mail accounts through the browser sucks. Logging in to each and then logging out. Lame. Incredimail grabs em all for me an puts them into one box. Little dudes on skateboards, and holograms, and ducks, and crystal ball weilding chicks let me know I have mail. I spoiled myself.

There are a lot of things going on this week. I have my HTML course on Tuesday. Wednesday, I got to see The Lion King at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Then, I have some stuff due in my on-line course, have to take people to the airport Friday, and Saturday I have hella stuff to do. But Tuesday, after class, Lori and I are heading to Houlihan’s for massive Long Island Ice Teas. I haven’t been to a bar in a while. It should be interesting. Had a pretty nice weekend, but that is another entry.

Movin to the Shack

My day sucked yesterday. I was having weird thoughts about the friend ordeal. I didn’t get a good grade on an exam I took. I fucked up this site yesterday. And to top it ALL off, the mother of all bitch slaps… both of my sites were down for three hours straight. Three hours. That is a lot of downtime. I was so pissed, but there was nothing I could do. Evidently my server is at and they were having major problems last night. They are always having problems. My site always goes down for short blips. I use to monitor my up and downtime. They send an e-mail to you stating your site is unavailable. And then they send you an e-mail stating your site is … errr.. “re-available”. It’s a snazzy service and great to have if you just got with a host and want to monitor the downtime.

So, upon knowing of this downtime, I posted in my host’s forum. Then I posted an hour later, letting them know it was still down. Then I decided to e-mail the “support”. There is not really a support team. It’s one older woman running the show and a few guys. I think, overall, there are three. So… after a few back and forths, she suggests I move to a server elsewhere. She will do the entire move for me and will keep the site up on Pluto(the name of my server) until the DNS changes go through. She is moving me to a server at RackShack called Zeus. Doesn’t that sound mighty?

RackShack has a really good rep. So, I am thinking downtime will be minimal. And, I am moving to a server with more RAM which I think will help with page loads. Pluto is a P4 2.4 Ghz 512 RAM server and Zeus is a P4 2.0 1 GB RAM server. Processor speed goes down, but RAM goes up. I was comparing the page loads last night between the Pluto sites and the preview Zeus sites. Zeus is mighty. Page loads are soooo fast. I can’t wait…

Uggghh.. it’s Saturday

scary shit

It’s totally scary shit when you try to modify something and everything goes wrong. I was thinking about switching my theme here, and so I found a folder of 266 themes. So, I am perusing them, and I see three that I really like and I FTP them, go into my preferences and start playing. First one was slick, but the blocks lost definiton. The second was too dark of a blue. Then, the third came…

I Switched to the third and got some MySQL errors in my header. (One of my functions somewhere in this site is wrong and it even tells me the location but I have not sought it.) So, I decide that that one won’t work and I opt to go back to Helius but the system won’t let me switch themes. I can’t switch to anything and I’m getting freaked out. I really don’t want to start over but I see there is no choice. Everytime I try to do anything in the Admin setting, it takes me to the “Your Account” page. There are no accounts here. I don’t even have one. This is run solely from the Admin area and has no “user” input. So, I start copy/pasting my entries into notepad, fuming that I have to do this AGAIN.

Then I decide, “Screw that shit! I am fixing it this time.” I am not gonna let some fucking theme ruin everything I have done. So I go into phpMyAdmin and decide I am going to fix this. I look for preferences, settings, any kind of table that seems descriptive enough to be the one I am looking for. How about “nuke_config”? Right…. for configuration. So, I open the table, see the dreaded theme, delete it and type in Helius. I go back to my browser and hit refresh. HAHA! I am the ruler of the world!

If I can conquer phpMyAdmin and change tables of MySQL databases then I can do…. JUST THAT! It’s really good that I have been reading books on SQL, lately. It’s really good that I have tried changing things in phpMyAdmin, too. I can do things from the front side… but it’s always good to learn how to do it behind the scenes, too. So, I am happy… happy again. WooHoo…!


So I was meandering around last night looking for blocks… looking for a streaming radio block. And then I thought about just linking to my favorite station in St. Louis. So I went to their site and started meandering around, and I was clicking on some stuff… and I found their “weird pages” link or something. They have a link to this infinite bubble wrap and I recognized it as a flash page. So I clicked through to the creator’s web site. I was shocked and amazed. This guy’s site is so cool! He has done several other sites which you can check out from his site. It’s a must see. I am fan of flash and this guy is intense. Make sure you check out some of his amusements on the front page… One, in particular, that I found amusing was “The Economists”. To find that one in particular, click on the last grey box above the word “Amusements”. Keep an eye on their faces. Look how sad they get when the stock price goes down, but notice the wonderful delight when it is very high. I think I played with them for ten minutes last night. So, be sure and check his site out. What? Huh? You want the link? To his page? Oh! Here you go…


I added a few more tracks to the mini mp3 player. All of the tracks are from the album I have been ranting about as of late, The Love Below from Outkast’s Andre 3000. The playlist is short, but covers the eclecticity of the album. So you should give it a spin…

I watched CSI tonight. I can’t stand Grissom’s facial hair… it is starting to bother me. I wonder what they were thinking. Someone needs to grab a razor and put it on that boy’s face. Gross.

But, Catherine was showing some really nice cleavage in a wifebeater. Nice cleavage. She was scooping water and foam from a tub that held a bloated dead body for four days and her cleavage was rocking. She’s the oldest of the two main chicks on the show. I am down with older girls. Mmmmmm, older girls…..

It’s interesting to see what happens when you become just friends with someone you were with for an extended period of time. Well, for me it is. I start looking at other people and thinking things. I start looking at everybody. And thinking everything. But if I am in the car and hear a tune, or if I am out and see something that reminds me, I think about my friend. I think that will be around for a while. I also think I can get over it this time. I don’t know why, but I just can.


I added a mini mp3 player and changed the layout of the site a little bit.. moved the clock to the bottom left… and put the mp3 player in its place. It’s a slick little block… I can add tracks, different playlists.. and, if you detach the remote you can browse elsewhere and still listen. I will have to watch the bandwith and see how it does. I only have two songs uploaded, so I doubt there will be a problem. I don’t really have anything to go on because I deleted my bandwith report for September, so I guess I will find out this month. I was fooling around in my FTP client, deleting stuff, of course. And I deleted my bandwith report because it said it was a “temp” file. Yeah, I’m dumb.

My other site, sucks some major bandwith. I am going to blame it on the forum. I have heard that phpbb uses a lot of server resources. So, since it is the 2nd of the month, my bandwith report is back up and tracking. Here is a screen shot of my bandwith at for yesterday, the 1st:

That shows a transfer of 668.92 Megs in a day. transfered over a half Gig of info in a day. So, that means I need over 15 Gigs of bandwith each month. Right now, I have 20. But, since I can’t get my averages for last month, I have no idea if this is high or not. I can see stats before I deleted the tracking, and I am showing ranges of 360-843 Megs transferred each day. So, if I am transfering close to a gig a day, I need more bandwith. I won’t upgrade my hosting until it’s absolutely necessary. Right now, I have:

500 MB Diskspace
20 GB Data Transfer

30 MySql Databases

150 Pop3/Ftp Accounts

I use less than 100 megs of diskspace, which is a shame. It appears I am getting my money’s worth in bandwith, though. My next option is to go to:

1000 MB Diskspace
30 GB Data Transfer
75 MySQL Databases
500 Pop3/Ftp Accounts

What the hell am I going to do with 1,000 Megs of diskspace? 24 Megs shy of a Gig…That is insane! And 500 e-mail addresses? I use less than ten as is. I could always do another site. Okay, I am getting way too involved with this. I am asking for webhosting for Christmas. I have gotten close to $150.00 from donations. Maybe I will wait for another $50.00 and break down for a yearly package. $200.00 a year for that package is a sweet deal. A mighty fine deal.. a wonderful deal.. if I need it.. if it’s necessary…

St. Louis radio can suck me

St. Louis radio stations know when I am in the car, I swear to God. Not only do they know that, but they know my girl and I are “just friends” now. They play some of the sappiest shit and they do it on purpose. I am going to have to do a full cavity search this weekend and have the GPS chip in my ass removed. Bastards..

They never play anything good when I am driving around. I can’t remember a time when I was in the car actually happy I was listening to the radio. Fuck St. Louis radio.

If you ever come to STL, be sure to listen to something obnoxious. You won’t have any trouble finding that on the radio. Roll your windows all the way down, hang your arm out and drive 45.. no matter what the limit is. If its 60, 45 or 25.. drive 45. This is classic housier. This is STL.

I am an over achiever

Took my HTML course last night. My professor is rather quirky in that really good way. This is a five week course and I think I am going to like it a lot. I already finished my homework… even did extra credit. I am an over achiever like that.

I am still listening to Andre. He has been in my PC all morning. I have listened to the disc five times already today. Oh how I love it.

A few more lyrics:

“Behoooold, a Lady…
I see you standing on the wall….
Clap Clap,
you deeeeserve it all.”

“Everybody needs someone to rub their shoulders
And scratch their dandruff
And everybody need to quit actin hard and shit
Before you get your ass whooped (I’ll slap the fuck out ya!)
And everybody needs somebody to love”

Tonight I am going to finally get around to working on the WebLinks area. I want to use this a semi-blog/semi-homepage. I deleted a lot of the admin links and images so I can narrow down to the areas that need to be worked on. I am going to have a few sections. I want to have a mobile section, PHP Nuke section, and a few others. I have seen a WebLinks Module around somewhere. I will have to see what the difference is between the standard mod. If it is nicer, we will have to see. It if has an area for favicons that would be cool. I am unsure if my sites have favicons. Hmm.. that would be something to check into to. Its not a necessity, just a quirky little thing.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture

So since I was antsy leaving the house to go to my class, I decided to grab the new OutKast album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, to listen to in the car.
It’s two single albums, one from Andre, and the other from Big Boi. I am an Andre fan to the heart. I always have been.. He is so flashy. His album is called The Love Below which I listened to tonight. So I am flying to school, literally, and after listening to “Spread” I am rocking out to “Hey Ya”… and then I hear a great lyric:

“What’s cooler than bein’ cool? ICE COLD!”

So I’m all, “hell yeah, ice cold…” right? And then I hear the best lyric on the album. This one tops it all. This is the motherfucka of all lyrics and this is the reason Andre 3000 rocks my mothafuckin world:

Shake it like a Polaroid picture…

Oh my God, I almost passed out in the car, going “hell yeah.. that is the shit!” And there I sat in my car, absorbed by these pounding beats. I was in my own little atmosphere of “Ice Cold”. I was frozen, enveloped by the sound. It was so sweet. Stankonia, their last album, was released in late 2000. I have been waiting and waiting since I first heard B.O.B. I am unsure if I will ever get above The Love Below and listen to Big Boi’s album. I am stuck. I will never be able to get out of this. I fear it will remain in my CD player for months.

And to you… yes you…

Andre says, “If you’re not the one, then you’re the prototype….”