I’m gettin smarter, mama..

I decided that I wanted to add a few plug-ins to the site. I don’t really have any in mind but I wanted to play with a few and see what they did and how I could enhance my blog. In doing some research, I found the Plug-In Manager. I uploaded all of the necessary files and browsed to its location. ERROR ERROR ERROR… I hate errors. So I had to CHMOD one of the files. CHMOD-ing changes the permission of a file, like setting it to read, write and execute for the right people. Admins get all three permissions while users and guests normally get read and execute only and sometimes, in rare instances only read. After CHMOD-ing the particular file, I then refreshed and had a different error this time. The previous error was an Internal Server Error. This one was a program error, which to me, meant I was IN. And it told me the line on the particular file that needed attention. I opened said file and realized I needed a Perl Module due to the :: between file names, XML::Simple. So I grabbed it, uploaded it, browsed to the file again and lo and behold it works.

Whenever I get errors and fix them, I always let out a Muwahahaha… cuz I feel like a mad scientist in a really odd, quirky way.


I am thinking that I need to add a few more categories ’round here. My categories as is are a little too broad. After doing so I have to go through all of my entries and re-edit them. Fun stuff. I need a personal assistant. I am going to have one one day and I am gonna maker her do weird things for me. Like that.. add categories and re-edit all of the entries into the correct categories. Thanks, assistant. And then, go get me a roast beef sammich with cheddar cheese. Thanks assistant. You’re the greatest.


aeonnfluux.com hit 2,000 members yesterday. I was waiting all day for it, constantly refreshing the page when I saw it was at 1999. And 2,000 just would not come. I was really excited throughout the day. 2,000!? 2,000 people came to my site and registered and are members? That’s insane! It might not seem that cool, but to me it is grandiose. I was extremely happy and felt very successful upon hitting 2,000 members and I did see it as a personal achievement. My site kicks ass and I have the members to prove it.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but.. beep beep.


When someone calls the house at 3:30 in the morning it’s never good. It can’t be. You gotta have some major balls to call that early if something horrible is not going on. Last night, I fell asleep at 9:30 and am up at 4:00. I will probably go back to sleep but I have to go get some cigarettes and maybe food. I am starved.

C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon baby…

To celebrate my legalness of the car I made a phone call to a girl. Same girl as last Tuesday. She still needs a fix on her PC so I am DRIVING over there in my NEWLY LEGAL car. I am so glad I can get the hell out of this house. I am sure the car is confused. Sitting idle for months and now running to and fro. To and fro. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon c’mon baby…. I am in a good mood..

Check it out. I fixed the calendar to color scheme with the site. It looks perty sharp. I still have a lot of work to do but now it is time to play.

CSS rocks me hard!

I love Cascading Style Sheets. I love Cascading Style Sheets. I LOVE Cascading Style Sheets. It’s a great way to completely redesign a site in a matter of minutes if you want to keep the same layout. Want all your H1s the same color? Done! Want all your titles #336699? Done! Want all of your side bars to have a blue background with white lowercase text? Done! Don’t define each element. Write a CSS and let it do the work for you. Absolutely genious. Absolutely fun. Absolutely easy. For those of you paying attention, you may have noticed that now the date does not repeat for every entry. There is one date with all of that day’s entries following. I even added a snazzy line under them. I also changed the title colors and the link colors. All thanks to CSS. I am thinking of designing my own template. I know I could. I am gonna get a book on CSS as it seems this is what I am really going to get in to. Did I mention that I love Cascading Style Sheets? Where have I been? Oh right… stuck in a world of a Nuke. A haiku on the subject of switching from Nuke to MT.

here i sit happy
with movabletype installed
no more nuke for me

Dashboard Mary

I got my car legal today. I was so happy as the lady handed me the ’05 yellow tags to put on the plates. Now I can drive my car and not be freakishly paranoid about being pulled over and having to explain myself. It’s one thing to not have a car at all, but its another thing to have a car sitting in the driveway that can’t be driven due to your own laziness regarding responsibility. I am such a lamer.. errr.. WAS.. cuz now I can drive it anywhere.

I wonder what all of the inspection people thought about my Dashboard Mary. She was there in the car, staring back saying, “If you let this car pass you will go to heaven..” I could hear her.

What a hellish day

I had to take my mom to the hospital because she was sick. Initially it looked like it was going to be an okay time. She bought me food. That’s always a positive. She has to go to a military base since my dad is retired navy. It takes an hour to get there. Anyway, upon arrival it’s cold and wet. At least we had a short walk. My mom and dad both have what we call “gimp tags” or handicapped tags for the car. They have them because they don’t want their doors beaten up. I think they have them because my mom is overweight and lazy. That’s not the point. So, she checks in and we sit. And sit.

They had this channel on the TV and I can’t remember what it was called which is fucked up considering I listened and watched it for three hours straight. “Health” something or other.. And it was looping the same program. Are you aware that 1% of 18 year olds wet the bed!? I never knew this. But I learned it, today. SEVERAL TIMES. And I learned how to make Pumpkin Custard. SEVERAL TIMES. Ooooo and on the program I also saw a doctor attach a prosthetic ear on this kid. Again, SEVERAL TIMES. My mom gets called. She’s out a few minutes later. She has to go to radiology.

We walk and I sit. But in here there is a different program. Schwarzenegger is giving some bullshit speech. And then I saw a really cool commercial for Linux. Evidently IBM is selling machines with the OS. The commercial was really smart. After the only cool moment, my mom arrives. Back we go… to the bedwetting arena. There we sit for another two hours. Time passing is grating on me. I am ready to rip my face off and go screaming down the halls. So there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. I was tired of waiting. The baby was tired of waiting. Three damn hours spent learning about bedwetting and custard. I couldn’t take it. I wanted to piss my pants thinking about it. Finally, she gets called and then is out. Off to the pharmacy to WAIT.

There we sit for 20 minutes or so. It’s 5:00 and everything is closing. She gets her meds and as we are walking out of the hospital, “Taps” starts blaring all over the base. Loud as shit. And then it goes in to the Star Spangled Banner. They are lowering the flag and everyone has stopped.. frozen in time.. to salute. Errr.. except my mom and I. My mother, delirious and sick from waiting, me thinking about an 18 year old wetting the bed (where are these people?) are cruising along. Then she realizes what is going on and makes me stop. She turns to me and says, “Is this real?” ‘Fraid so….

So I figure the next time she has to go the hospital, I will just shoot her in the foot, call 911 and make them come to me.

Not as rosey as I thought.

What the hell!? It seems my blog is not as perfect as I thought. IE users don’t see my menu bar running down the left. But its absolutely fine in Mozilla and Netscape… Damnit.. I must have a tag in there that’s not compatible with IE. Ggggrrrrrrrr

Looks like I got this fixed….. and now the only problem I see in IE is the calendar running over. IE is such a little brat, huh?

I rule!

I am the master of the universe! Or rather the mistress. All that’s left to do is import and tweak. I am ready to do the tweaking but not the importing. It looks like I will have the new and improved regressing.net finished in a day or two. I got a lot done today and I am extremely proud of myself. It’s 2:00 in the morning but I came, I saw and I conquered… I rule!

Like a virgin…

I set up MovableType all by my little self! Imagine how great I feel.. Wanna see how virgin white it is? Check it out! That is the standard template. I need to add some color as I cannot stand stark white. So, i am going to spend tonight and tomorrow customizing and then I am going to import my entries from here. I am so excited and happy with myself. I even had to install a PERL module to get it working. I am the shit! Everytime I do something like this, my little insecure inner installer gets a massive head and stands proud. And it raises its arms to the sky with the proof of successful install and bellows:

Look what I have created!

Quesadillas, porn groove and configuration

I am not in the mood to configure MovableType today. I have to configure it, upload it, error test it, import all of the data from here and then I can begin to modify it. That’s my favorite part. I already know its going to be hell. But according to screen shots, after its all set up the interface looks pretty smooth. I just gotta get there. It’s getting the Style Sheet together and mixed in that will be the problem. My host said she would configure and install it for me. I was going to do it myself, but I think I am going to be a lazy bastard and ask her to do it. Actually, I am sure she will have it set up far sooner than I could since I suck at configuring things and getting them linked to a database. Maybe I will at least make an effort. That’s what I’ll do.. I will eat some quesadillas, smoke a cigarette, put on some Porn Groove and screw around with some code. Yippeeeee

What’s in a genre?

I was messing around with WinAmp and giving a few entries new titles. In doing so, I clicked the “genre” drop down and noticed a rather interesting category. It’s called Porn Groove. Now, I wonder how many people that use WinAmp categorize some of their music in to the Porn Groove genre. I think I have a pretty good concept of what would go into the Porn Groove category. It’s the bow chicka bow wow schemes that are often heard in… porn, I guess. I can’t picture myself listening to that for fun or relaxing purposes. I wonder if freaks surf internet porn sites looking for the one thumbnail of something nasty, and when they find it, launch WinAmp and listen to some Porn Groove. What an odd concept. The next time someone asks me what I listen to, I am responding, “Porn Groove” just to see the look on their face. But only if it’s someone cool. Or someone I don’t know too well. I mean, you can’t tell your mom that you listen to Porn Groove because she will feel like a failure as a mother and you wouldn’t want your mom to feel that way would you.. you little Porn Groove listening freak?


Regressing.net wants MovableType

Recently I have been thinking about what Regressing.net’s purpose is. It’s a weblog. About some shit. That I write. I decided to use PHP-Nuke as my site’s core because it was something I knew and I figured it would suit my needs if I ever needed or wanted to expand the site. But lately, I have realized that there is no need for expansion here. There is nothing to really build on. A weblog doesn’t need a bunch of bullshit features like blocks and modules. They are snazzy in their own right, for sure. I love the fact that I can do cool little things like upload a block and it will tell you the future or something. But it’s unnecessary for the site’s purpose. The purpose is to get info across in a clear, non-distracting manner.

Movable TypeSo, thinking about the future of Regressing.net, I have decided to change my site’s core. I am going to soon be using MovableType which is more geared towards weblogging. What sucks is that everyone who hosts their own blog uses it. I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but in checking around of other weblogging software I found nothing that I truly liked.

MovableType has a few advantages over PHP-Nuke, some more apparent than others. Using MT, you can easily edit the style and layout of your page using HTML. You can include a background image or you can link to a Cascading Style Sheet which I think is the route I am going to take. There is also a feature called Trackback which is used for “…cross-site conversations and [to] build community…” You can also upload images and files in the posting screen instead of FTPing and then linking to them.. You can check out the MT feature page to see the full list of possibilities and features.

So why the change? PHP-Nuke is very hard to upgrade. Disgustingly hard. And the code is not as secure as it could be. I am not a “code security” expert but when patches for the damn core are released weekly, then you know there is a problem. PHP-Nuke is not as customizable as it seems. You can change the theme and add modules and add blocks but every site that uses PHP-Nuke will still look the same. Blaaaaaahhhhh. It’s a great CMS for sites like aeonnfluux.com that need forums, review sections, a gallery, an FAQ and a downloads section. For a site with a large amount of content I highly recommend it. But for a weblog its not necessary. And I hate the XML Feed this site gives off. I want true XML and that’s what started this need to change the core. RSS Feeds and me wanting a true XML Feed. See the domino effect? First you want something, you can’t have it, but you are going to have it cuz you said so, you look for alternatives and you end up changing the entire core code of your website.

No dig-splay!?

I haven’t started my car in so long and thought it a good idea to do that today. My car is currently out of order. Not due to engine problems, but due to illegality caused by lack of funds. I miss my car. I miss the stereo in my car. I will have to get it legal by January so I can drive it to school. I couldn’t find my keys in the house because they somehow turned into a child’s play toy and were misplaced. So, I grabbed the only other key I know of. I walked out and opened the car door. It responded with a whiney creak. I got in and melted into the seat as usual, put the key in and turned. The car started which I expected but what I didn’t expect was the fact that there was no display on my system in the car. The buttons folded out, the face emerged, music played but there was no digi-splay. I got up really close to it, saw a faint light and tapped like I was looking into a fish tank. I am such a dork. So, I pressed a button and it sprang to life with equalizer-ation and all. I was pleased. I am guessing that since it had not been started in so long it didn’t realize the power source and forgot what it was supposed to be doing. I was a little scared. Okay.. fine.. I was hella scared. My system in my car is one of my all-time favorite gadgets. I sat, waiting for the car to get warm. Funny that last when I last drove the car I was listening to REO Speedwagon. Oh yeah, baby… I decided to crank it and get the speakers warm as well. Afer sitting there for about 20 minutes I decided I was finished. I grabbed a few CDs that I felt like I had not seen in years so I could add them to my media library and vowed to start the car more often, if only for the digi-splay I so love.