January Watch List

January has been a slow month for content as shows are on hiatus, and I’ve been planning vacations and working a lot of overtime. We recently dove in to HBO’s Big Love and are nearly through season 2. Bletchley Circle season 2 started, Call the Midwife season 3 is a go, and we are going to watch Broadchurch as it has rave reviews. I’ve realized that a lot of the “across the pond” shows I need to download in HD as the SD versions show too much pixelation for me. It’s a tad irritating as the US shows I can grab in SD, saving a lot of space and bandwidth, and not have issues.

I started doing Bing searches to get rewards and redeem them for months of Hulu Plus. It only saves me $8/mo, but I’m currently paid through March. What can I say? I’m cheap!

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