December Watch List

December has been a light watch month with holidays taking precedence over anything else. We have been on a documentary kick lately, watching flicks about orca whales making friends in the wild, broke athletes, and the fall from grace of a timeshare mogul. I recently started watching HBO’s new series Getting On. I love Niecy Nash and think she makes the show. We’ll likely check out HBO’s other new series, Looking, launching in January. I did nab the Call the Midwife Christmas special and the Downton Abbey Christmas special, but have yet to watch either. I also need to watch the IT Crowd Manual. Moving in to 2014, Sherlock returns so I’ll definitely been checking out the new season.


First, watch Blackfish on Netflix. Note: This movie will ruin your day, possibly week, maybe even Christmas. Trailer below.

Then, read SeaWorld’s response.

After that, read the Open Letter BACK to SeaWorld.

I will never take my daughter to SeaWorld, but I am going to make her watch this documentary. I cannot figure out why this documentary has rattled me so much. All I know is I’m pissed.

Disney World & Cruises

It’s been over a year since I have been at Disney World and I am craving it! We went to Disneyland in May/June of this year, but it’s just not the same! We decided to remedy that.

We recently booked a pair of Disney cruises, a short one in January 2014 aboard the Disney Dream and a longer one in March, also aboard the Dream. In January we will fly down and board the ship the same day, but for March we decided to extend the vacation longer to be able to enjoy the parks. In March, we are staying on the Walt Disney World Resort, at Coronado Springs, and will be able to go to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I’ve had a lot of fun planning this trip with selecting Magic Bands and making advanced dining reservations at Via Napoli and the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party. I have to wait until February to make FastPass selections and will try to get a FastPass lunch at the always booked Be Our Guest restaurant.

I think we’re going to get into cruising. My next booked cruise will likely be Alaska (ports of call) on a Disney ship. Following that I would love to start planning for a Panama Canal cruise. The Panama Canal cruise is 14 days so that would require a bit of planning and saving of vacation time, but it’s definitely high on my list of vacation plans, right behind Alaska.

Here’s a pic of LM, at age 4, and I on her first trip to Disney World in 2007.