November Watch List

November has been a fulfilling month for this cordcutter. I even read a book this month via the Amazon Lending Library. I watched season 4 of Downton Abbey which will premiere in the States in January 2014. It’s been hard to not talk about it with my mom and sister. I also watched the first 3 episodes of Betas, an Amazon original series. It’s ok. It might turn in to one of those shows that I hatewatch. We recently started watching Game of Thrones and are well into season 2. Nobody will STFU about this show so I figured I’d better jump on board. Eastbound & Down is over and I am sad as fuck. Long live Kenny fucking Powers. I started Treme yesterday. It’s shot in New Orleans and takes place 3 months after hurricane Katrina hit. It’s a strong series. This evening I grabbed the first season of The Bletchley Circle, a period mystery drama set in 1952. It’s about four women that use their codebreaking skills from World War II to solve a serial killer crime. It sounds fascinating and is available on Netflix!

In other news I was really happy to hear that Netflix is picking up The Killing for its fourth and final season after being canceled by AMC. I believe The Killing was one of the best shows on TV. I was sad to hear it had been canceled and overjoyed to hear it was picked up by Netflix. I hope hope that Netflix will reconsider ending it and picking it up, but it sounds unlikely.

Also, hallelujah to Netflix profile support on the Roku. That means a lot more documentaries and series for me and a lot less Good Luck Charlie!

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