Mi Casa

Way back in February of this year we moved into our new house. It’s been a long seven months of serious hard work and rehab and, while there is always room for improvement, it’s nearly finished. So, I present the before and after of Mi Casa.

This post has lots of pictures, so hit the jump and we’ll catch you on the flip!

The house had not been updated in a LONG time. The front of the house housed the dining room, family room, and kitchen. All three rooms were separated by walls. The kitchen was completely closed in and I hated everything about it.

Dining and sitting room:

This room held two of the few features I kept including the build-in bookshelves…

…and the mural, which I love so much because it reminds me of Jackson Square in New Orleans, LA.

The family room, which shared a long wall with the dining and sitting room, leads to a small den which also leads to a garage and the backyard:

The Den:

The kitchen, the room I hated the most in the house:

The back of the house is comprised of a hall bath, a master suite, and two other bedrooms.

The hallway, which housed a built-in armoire:

The master got a fresh coat of paint:

My office, where I work, is the smallest bedroom:

Outside is a deck, a great spot for a firepit and great place to toss back some beers:

The yard used to have a fence that didn’t go all the way out to the property lines:

Rehab begins!

The hall bath, covered in blue, did not survive long enough to get a before picture and was the first place I swung my hammer:

Then, the walls in the front of the house had to go:

This opened up the room entirely, but created additional problems. There were now three flooring types in the main room area:

No big deal, we’ll just tear those out and put new ones in:

Actually, this was a huge deal as the flooring I ordered took nearly a month to come in and we walked around on plywood for way too long. Poor poor poor planning.

Then, I tore up the carpet tiles in the den and laid tile to convert the room to a mudroom:

Added a bonus closet:

Had my carpenter build and install a cubby system, which I stained and painted, for shoes, coats, backpacks, etc:

Tore the kitchen out. The last cabinet needed help because of plumbing:

New floors going in:

Floors up the hallway. Armoire is gone, added the space to the hall bath. Olive paint to complement the mural!

Only the kid’s room got new floors due to flooring continuity. The other rooms can be done in the future, but hers had to be done now.

Began stone work on the fireplace:

Created a hearth with rough stone:

Hall bath got a complete makeover:

Kitchen going in, large cabinet for a double oven:

Put the cooktop in the island. Added a pantry to the left.

Hid the microwave because I hate seeing them on the counter and made the area in the kitchen wide. Love it:

Sink and faucet, my favorite part:

Did other small projects like add shelves in the basement:

Removed the fence:

Rehabbed the yard with grass and added plants to hide the sewer:

As I said, it’s not finished, but we’re well on our way!

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