I never tire of seeing these okra flowers in my garden. They are stunning. Okra leaves, on the other hand, are something I could do without. They are sharp and feel like fiberglass on the skin. This has been my most productive plant to date, but the tomatoes are finally starting to turn and I think they may surpass the okra in productivity.


GiraDora is the world’s first human-powered washer and spin dryer designed specifically for people living on $4-10 per day to increase efficiency and improve the experience of hand-washing clothes. Its innovative design combats several health problems such as chronic lower back pain, tenosynovitis, and respiratory problems such as Asthma associated with mold. It also allows the user to begin to break the cycle of poverty by providing income generating solutions.

Olympics interactive

Compared with the athletes in the first modern Olympics, today’s gold medalists can run faster, swim stronger, and jump and throw farther. But how slow and weak were the champions of yore compared with the best of the 21st century? In which events could the cream of the crop from bygone eras keep up against their modern counterparts?

Check out the Slate article and its interactives at the bottom. Very fun visualizations brought to you by stick people.