Let’s Face the Music and Dance

I am taking a course this semester, as an elective, about musicals. One might think that this is an easy A course. Truth be told, I signed up for it for this very reason. I was so wrong. Every week I have to watch 1 or 2 2-3 hr musicals, watch another 1 hour documentary, read at least 6 articles, and then write 800 words on the film(s). This course is time-consuming, but I am now obsessed with show tunes, Fred Astaire, Busby Berkeley, and with film noir.

Let’s Face the Music and Dance…

Jeopardy! “Threesome”

I DVR Jeopardy! every day and it’s a rarity when people mess up, get their tongues tied, or give inappropriate answers. This is a clip from 11/4/11 in which Kara Spak, one of the contestants in Jeopardy!’s “Tournament of Champions,” gave a rather inappropriate answer to Alex Trebek. Quick-witted Trebek came up with a pretty great response. He would later tell her during a commercial break that she was “a saucy wench.”

An article from the Chicago Sun-Times, written by Spak, details her run on Jeopardy!’s “Tournament of Champions.” She ultimately lost the match, but will walk away with a story to tell.

On the stage, the 30-minute show went by in about 30 seconds, a complete blur of not being able to ring in and then finally getting in and answering with a wildly inappropriate answer (“What is a threesome?” to a question about a love triangle). During a commercial break that followed, Alex Trebek called me a “saucy wench.”