Is anybody else completely obsessed with the new Sherwin-Williams ad campaign?

A new fully integrated marketing campaign by McKinney Agency for Sherwin Williams paint stores celebrates a world made entirely of color chips. The launch effort consists of three tv commercials, four print ads, online advertising, an iPhone app and an interactive Color Visualizer.

I watch every second of the commercials on TV and saw a few print ads over the weekend. This is phenomenal stuff!

A Hamburger Today

I want to be better at making burgers. I mean, I’m pretty good at it, but I think there is definitely room for improvement. My new favorite blog, a blend of wit, science, and burgers, is A Hamburger Today. I really want to Make the Ultimate Patty Melt as soon as possible and I am wishing and hoping that it turns out like the picture. AHT also built a Better Big Mac, declared the Best Burger Buns, and explained how to Shape a Burger for Grilling.

The Ultimate Patty Melt recipe PDF.

80’s Album Covers Recreated With Comic Book Heroes

Kind of Screwed is an awesome read about fair use in which Andy Baio, writer of, got kicked in the teeth to the tune of $32k for pixelating Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue album cover photograph for his Kind of Bloop project.

…Kind of Bloop [is an] 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue, one of my favorite albums of all-time. I’ve always wondered what chiptune jazz covers would sound like. What would the jazz masters sound like on a Nintendo Entertainment System? Coltrane on a C-64? Mingus on Amiga?

To be honest, it’s sounds crazy but it’s an interesting listen for sure. Kind of Blue is one of my favorite albums. Hearing it in 8-bit form is strange, to say the very very least.

Linked below that story was 80’s Album Covers Recreated With Comic Book Heroes and I feel obliged to share. These were all done by Cliff Chiang.

The Breakfast Club

Purple Rain