The Road to Dictionopolis

A 2001 interview with Norton Juster, the author of The Phantom Tollbooth.

Miller: Where did the tollbooth come from? It’s such a lovely blend of the magical and the mundane.

Juster: It was exactly what you say: I was looking for a rabbit hole sort of thing, but I wanted it to be in contemporary terms. I was thinking about what was a common experience for children that was a transition point where something changes. It seemed to me that almost every kid has been in a car going through a tollbooth.

The Gospel of Judas

To most Christians, Judas is seen as a traitor, the disciple who betrayed Jesus to the Romans for 30 pieces of silver. But a newly restored papyrus document dating to the 2nd century AD portrays a very different man. Judas is shown as Jesus’ best friend, asked by Jesus himself to betray his identity to fulfill the prophecy and liberate his soul to ascend to heaven. – NPR

National Geographic has pictures and translations of the found Gospel of Judas, as well as a timeline and map explaining the document’s journey to present day.