I think that she knows

John Mayer’s cover of Justin Timberlake’s I Think She Knows interlude.

You can hear his guitar singing this verse at the :19 mark:

I think that she knows,
I think that she knows, oh, oh
I think that she knows
Think that she knows, oh, oh

Those flashing lights come from everywhere
The way they hit her I just stop and stare
I’m love stoned from everywhere and she knows
I think that she knows, oh, oh

And now I walk around without a care
She’s got me hooked
It just ain’t fair, but I…
I’m love stoned and I could swear
That she knows
I think that she knows, oh, oh

Of Dolls and Murder

The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death is a series of eighteen intricately designed dollhouse-style dioramas created by Frances Glessner Lee, a millionaire heiress with an interest in forensic science. She designed detailed scenarios, based on composites of real criminal acts, and presented them physically in miniature.

Website for the upcoming documentary, narrated by John Waters.
The Flickr page for the project should definitely be checked out.

The trailer:

DIY Music Cabinet

Console Record Player Retrofit

I’d like to add this to my “to-do within the next five years” list. I adore the idea of having an old school music cabinet. My guts would be a little different. I’d probably thrown an AppleTV in for the storage/playback and then I would be able to control it around the house with my iPhone and iPad. I would probably create some kind of bracket above the cabinet to mount the iPad to the wall for music selection.

“…[This is] a retrofit of a late-1960s era cabinet record player. It’s a Fleetwood model 4057, made in Montreal… It came complete with AM and shortwave radio, record player and tape input, powered by a tube amp rated for 117 V, 0.95 A at the input…The guts were all removed and replaced by a modern turntable, digital music player, amplifier and controller.

The Kids Are Not All Right

“News stories have become our modern fairy tales, our cautionary tales, and the Internet is today’s story book,” explained Hobin…. “Parents think they have to protect kids from everything, but they can’t shield them completely from the media.” The Playroom series features five editions each of 12 bright photos…The kids are arranged in staged tableaux, depicting oblique representations of subjects like the December 2004 tsunami, Lady Di’s death, 9/11, the dictatorship of Kim Jong Il and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

The kids are not all right.


Hurricane Katrina: