I hate math, but I love puzzles and patterns.

We discussed the Fibonacci series in my Java class last night.

The first two Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1. Each number after is the sum of the previous two.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc.

Fibonacci, called the Golden Ratio at its perfection, occurs beautifully in nature.

Evolutionarily speaking, the best way to ensure success is to have as many offspring as possible (ergo the Baldwin brothers). The sunflower naturally evolved a method to pack as many seeds on its flower as space could allow. Amazingly, the sunflower seeds grow adjacently at an angle of 137.5 degrees from each other, which corresponds exactly to the golden ratio. Additionally, the number of lines in the spirals on a Sunflower is almost always a number of the Fibonacci sequence.

HDR on the iPhone 4

I have been playing with the new HDR feature on the iPhone 4 and finally was able to snap a set that really showed this feature perfectly.

When you take a picture with HDR on the iPhone saves a non-HDR copy as well. These photos were, of course, taken at the exact same moment.

I was in my car, the day was overcast and it was around 4PM. My car is dark as it has aggressively tinted windows, including the windshield. The subject matter is boring, but it’s a fine representation of HDR vs non-HDR.

In the non-HDR shot, on top, you can see that the iPhone was focusing on the dash of the car and the background was washed out.

The HDR shot captured the full image and is more true-to-life what I saw that day. The background is not necessarily in focus, but it is not washed out and you can clearly see what was taking place, with more detail, more shadows. The interior of the car looks more real to life. You can see the texture of the leather on the steering wheel. The dash does not look super glossy. You can see the lines separating the buttons on the steering wheel. Good stuff! You can also see shrubs on the hill across the street, which can barely be seen in the non-HDR image.

More info about HDR.

A Flickr set of HDR pictures taken on the iPhone 4. Some of these are just amazing, especially when there is a good balance of light and dark, which HDR is supposed to optimize.

iTunes 10

I installed iTunes 10 over the weekend and found one major annoyance.

Apple moved the window buttons to the side of the window, unnecessarily. It’s almost distracting, but easily changed.

Fire up Terminal and type:

defaults write full-window -boolean YES

to move the buttons back to the top. If you want to move them back to the side, replace YES with NO.

I think the icon for iTunes 10 is ugly and hopefully isn’t starting a trend for OS X or is indicative of things to come from Apple.