Apple Trackpad

Ask and ye shall receive…

I posted almost two years ago that I would love to see an Apple keyboard/trackpad combination for the desktop experience. It’s getting close.

Apple released their Magic Trackpad, a multi-touch surface that supports gestures for accomplishing tasks. It’s pretty close to what I asked for, except I wanted it integrated into the keyboard. Gizmodo has a review of the Trackpad, what it means for the future of OS X, and photoshopped images of a combination keyboard/trackpad that I originally dreamt about.

Shooting Challenges

Gizmodo has a weekly Shooting Challenge where they present their readers with a photography challenge and then post the results a few days later. I am not a photography buff, but I do like to think that with enough research and time I could figure out how to make a few of these challenges happen.

My favorite challenges are:
Anthrpomorphism (faces where they shouldn’t be), Staged Scenes, and Blurry Shots. Good stuff!

Timbuk2 Camera Bag Hack

Turn a Timbuk2 Classic Messenger into an SLR bag with a few Domke inserts.


I don’t have a very user-friendly bag for the SLR that I carry with me sometimes. The bag that it came with is awkward and screams “EXPENSIVE STUFF. TAKE ME.” The bag I use offers little to no padding for protective purposes. This Timbuk2 conversion is pretty slick and cheap.

Of course, I could always wait for Christmas and ask for a Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home.

Hipstamatic Guides

I’ve been using Hipstamatic more and more. With so many lens, film, and flash combinations it would take a while to figure out what all of the combinations are capable of doing.

Someone did, though…

Photojojo’s Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide!
Their Big Wall, with all of the examples, is a bit difficult to navigate.

I was at Lake Ozark over the weekend and snapped a few shots on the riverfront. My sister, on (in?) a coin ride.

You can see my other Hipstamatic shots in my Flickr set.


I downloaded Hipstamatic on my iPhone and messed around with it tonight. Lots of features, lots of settings, lots to learn how to use.

Hipstamatic is a camera app, and it seeks to recreate the experience of using an old analog camera as accurately as possible. Some of the greatest qualities of these old cameras was their unpredictability and quirkiness, and we wanted to bring that to the iPhone.

Here’s a shot of my room.

The app comes with three lenses, two film types, and a flash. You can purchase a lot of equipment for the app including other lenses and film types through in-app purchase.