Michael Jackson vs Rick Astley

When I was 17, maybe 18, I went to Spain with other members of my high school on a cultural trip for Spanish class. My roommate and I would sneak out of the hotel at night and go shopping in the markets, go to the local bars, and eat at the restaurants. We stumbled into a record store one night and I picked up Madonna’s Ray of Light album and a Michael Jackson remix album that had a lot of cool tracks on it, including mashups with Rick Astley and Billy Ocean. I have been scouring the internet for this album for years and never really found anything. Recently, I did find the Astley mix on a youtube video, and then the actual track on another website.

It’s a great remix and easily one of my favorites. I will probably forever hunt for that CD. For all I know it’s tucked away in a box in my folks’ house in its original sleeve.

It looks like the album I am looking for is a rare remix unreleased album called “He Still Drives Me Wild


1 Disco Mix Club Remix (10:20)
2 Disco Mix Club Remix (11:57)
3 Criminal Heart (Annie & Brother Mix) (7:32)
4 Smooth Criminal (Smokin’ Gun Mix) (6:47)
5 Human Nature (12” Remix – Japan) (4:09)
6 Speed Demon (Disco Mix Club Remix) (6:37)
7 Disco Mix Club – Compilation Remix (11:34)
8 Remember The Time (The Ultimate Mix) (11:15)

Criminal Heart – Michael Jackson vs Rick Astley

John Mayer 3/20/2010 St. Louis setlist

Amazing show. Here’s the setlist, with studio albums noted by number:

:: Heartbreak Warfare (4)
:: Why Georgia (1) with a semi cover, in the middle, of Message in a Bottle by The Police, which he also covered for Any Given Thursday.
:: Vultures (3)
:: Something’s Missing (2)
:: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (3)
:: Perfectly Lonely (4)
:: Assassin (4)
:: Wheel (2)
:: Daughters (2)
:: Crossroads (4)
:: Steve Jordan drum solo that lasted 6 minutes!!
:: Waiting on the World to Change (3)
:: Semi cover of Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan)
:: Half Of My Heart (4) (with a semi cover, in the middle, of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac) [John Mayer said it was the opposite of Half of My Heart, as told from a woman’s perspective].
:: No Such Thing (1)

:: Who Says (4)
:: Gravity (3)

Between the main set and the encore the entire Scottrade Center lit up with cell phone screens, like thousands of fireflies. John walked back onto the stage, and stated he had goosebumps at the sight. John requested, during Gravity, that the lights be off and that everyone use their cell phone screens for the first half. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

1: Room For Squares (2 tracks played)
2: Heavier Things (3 tracks played)
3: Continuum (4 tracks played)
4: Battle Studies ( 6 tracks played)

We need more power

I am constantly complaining about terrible battery life on my iPhone and constantly looking for ways to lengthen the amount of time I can use it in a day before a charge. My phone has been off its charger for a mere 8 hours today and I am already charging it as it had a mere 23% life left. There are articles all over the internet about how to save your battery life. Most involve crippling the device. The New York Times even recommends that you put your phone in airplane mode, effectively turning it into a media player. LifeHacker has an exhaustive guide to lengthening the life of your battery, with links to several other pages with more tips.