Oh, Holy Jesus… Daytum!

Whether you would like to tally an afternoon or a year, Daytum can help you collect and communicate the most important statistics in your life. From an up-to-the-moment personal dashboard, to a tabulation of an event, a home for sports scores, or as a corporate tool, the uses for Daytum may be limitless.

I’m in, and after hours of messing with it, have gone Plus.

Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots

Grrr… I’m still listening to The Flaming Lips constantly.

After checking out a few articles, I stumbled across Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots by The Kleptones, known for this and other mashups.

Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots is a 2003 bastard pop album by The Kleptones. It combines instrumental tracks from The Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots with vocal tracks from various rap songs.

I’ve been listening to it all evening. It’s fun, weird, disturbing… needs more listening.

Flaming Lips – All We Have Is Now

I listened to The Flaming Lips all day today. It was a perfect day to do so, as it was overcast and I was sleepy. This is my “jam” right now.

As logic stands you couldn’t meet a man
Who’s from the future
But logic broke as he appeared he spoke
About the future
“We’re not gonna make it”
He explained how the end will come –
“You and me
Were never meant to be
Part of the future”

I’m leaving on a jet plane…

So, I booked my flight to Seattle today. I managed to get a direct flight, with no stops or layovers, both ways, which I thought was pretty impressive for the price! I’ll probably spend the next three weeks researching Seattle and Vancouver and figuring out what I want to do once I get there. We could spend our days shopping at Target and watching movies every night and I could care less. I definitely want to hit the bar, chill out, and have a good time.

This is going to be me and Katie in 22 days!


diesel I want this watch! It looks pretty slick. This is the Gunmetal Compass from Diesel, $250. I am usually a Fossil watch kind of chick, but this watch is dead sexy! I have my eye on the Fossil Black Chronograph, though, and might pick it up. It’d be a really nice dress watch, which I am in the market for. I need to look fresh!

As for the Diesel, I have to see whether my wrist will support it and if I can sport it. It has a very industrial chic look and I love it. I like the big face, but can’t tell if it has the date function, which is mandatory for me.

Diesel, via Gizmodo.

Spending my 30th out of town!

Plans are set! I am going to Seattle & Vancouver for my birthday. My friend Katie is going to host and and deliver a “day of surprises!” I’m pretty excited to go northwest, but more excited to see Katie and get the hell out of St. Louis.

I’ve been to Seattle before, way back in 1998, and I remember a little bit about the place, but not much.

Hopefully, Katie will give me a refresher tour and show me the digs.

I’m counting the days.

Report cards, hooray!

Below is a portion of my daughter’s report card that was sent home today. I’m not extremely excited about anyone critiquing my daughter. If she has flaws then let’s get them out in the open so we can work on them, but be sure to sweep in front of your own door first.

Click to view full size.

Anyone see any problems with the comments?

1.) I believe ‘test’ should be pluralized, as in ‘last four spelling tests.’
2.) Consistant is not a word. In fact, the definition of ‘consistant’ is: Common misspelling of consistent. It’s pretty ironic that this comment would be under the ‘spells words correctly’ section.

A Love Supreme / Kind of Blue

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of jazz lately. More specifically, I’ve been listening to Miles Davis and John Coltrane. I had no idea that John Coltrane was part of the sextet that recorded Miles Davis’s career masterpiece Kind of Blue, which is lauded as the greatest jazz album of all time. After listening to it, I have found that many artists have sampled its recording and some describe it as a Bible, in that you should always have a copy in your house. You can listen to Kind of Blue free on Lala.

Coltrane would move on, create his own quartet, and eventually record the monumental A Love Supreme. It was recorded over two days, the bulk recorded on day one, and adjustments made on day two. I can’t stop listening to it. I ordered A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane’s Signature Album from Amazon and it should be here tomorrow. The recording process is detailed, as well as reception, reviews, and its impact on jazz. I am partial to Coltrane and have listened to a lot of his recordings. There’s a podcast on iTunes called The Traneumentary, which has an accompanying website. In it well-known artists and jazz historians break down some great tracks of Coltrane’s, and all of A Love Supreme.

From Pandora:

Composed of four parts, each has a thematic progression leading to an understanding of spirituality through meditation. From the beginning, “Acknowledgement” is the awakening of sorts that trails off to the famous chanting of the theme at the end, which yields to the second act, “Resolution,” an amazingly beautiful piece about the fury of dedication to a new path of understanding. “Persuance” is a search for that understanding, and “Psalm” is the enlightenment.

You can listen to A Love Supreme free on Lala.