Silas Dexter

Meet Silas (Sy-lus) Dexter, my 6wk old pure bred Miniature Pinscher. I brought him home yesterday from a private breeder. He’s terribly smart, terribly cute, and likes to sneak under the couch.

The name Silas is a Greek nickname for the Latin Silvanus, which means “of the forest.” Although a Roman in the Bible, the name “Silas” may be derived from pre-Roman Italian languages (see, e.g., the character “Asilas”, an Etruscan leader and warrior-prophet who plays a prominent role in assisting Aeneas in Virgil’s epic poem the Aeneid).

Characteristic traits are his hackney-like action, fearless animation, complete self-possession, and his spirited presence.

My Apple Dream

Today, Apple launched a renewed line of MacBooks and MacBook Pros. While I think the new line is competitively priced, I am waiting for the refresh of the iMac line. I keep my current PowerBook stationary and I want to upgrade to a larger screen, more power, and more storage. The iMac line would afford me all of that.

But… I don’t want to use a mouse. Ever. Again. I am so used to the multi-touch pad of my PowerBook and find that it works exceptionally well in the OS and in getting things accomplished.

This is my dream, an Apple USB or wireless keyboard with a multi-touch trackpad standard issue with the iMac. I’m no engineer, but I imagine it would be an easy product to make. It could be standard issue with iMacs and sold as an accessory for docked MacBooks/Pros. Since Apple is pushing their cinema displays with their new line of MacBooks, it makes sense to have a keyboard/trackpad for use with it. That way, when shifting from mobile to ‘docked,’ the experience is the same, the motions are the same and the ‘mighty mouse’ (which I own and hate) is not required.

Ditch the mouse for the iMac and I’m buying.

Twitter for 2008-10-08

  • Watching the debate. Drinking beer. No game involved, unfortunately. #
  • Rifle shots… durrrr #
  • His simile is an interesting visual image. Nail Jell-O to the wall. #
  • @thesneeze I’m partial to the creeper with the moustache and green tie. #
  • @thesneeze How about the guy in the trucker hat and polo? The NASCAR race must have been earlier. #
  • @Roseyland You just get your answer? #
  • It’s all unprecedented. #