My daughter has been going to kindergarten camp since early June and while they serve a school lunch, she’s not very interested in eating what they have on the menu, so I have been making her lunch.

My daughter is a picky eater, and she prefers her lunch to be a “surprise” every time, and likes it when I put stuff in neat little containers. I have been doing a lot of research lately on Bento boxes. Popular in Japan, Bento is very healthy and the lunches are usually artistic and appealing to the eye. I think Bento is going to work for her and be really fun for the both of us.

I bought two Bento boxes, one for her and one for myself (which is no longer pictured on the site). We’re going to try to it out, and I even bought molds to make onigiri.

Reading online, Bento is an obsession. People start making the lunches, then start buying more gear, and pretty soon they’re posting pictures of their creativity online. My Bento Lunch is a prime example. The author of the blog also runs the store Bento Crazy, where I purchased the boxes and molds. I may post pictures of the boxes when I get them, and my first attempt at Bento.

iTunes 7.6.2 lag on OS X 10.5.3

I have recently been having issues in iTunes 7.6.2 on my G4 PowerBook, running Leopard 10.5.3.

It began with a lag. I would encounter unresponsiveness, beachball spinning, and the inability to change tracks on the fly. I’ve never had this issue with previous versions of iTunes, so I started doing some research.

I Googled the issue which turned up an Apple forum of people detailing the same issue. Some stated that they deleted some video files (specifically, .mov files) from their library and that fixed the issue.

I had recently added some videos to my library and, in an attempt to fix the issue, began deleting them. Immediately, the problem was fixed.

No more issues with iTunes 7.6 on my Mac, and no more F-Bombs from my mouth.

I’m still going to run Onyx to fix any other issues, as I replaced the HD, loaded a new OS, and have not done any maintenance since July of 2007.

Ugh, I need a new Mac. My PowerBook has been running so slowly lately, my iLife apps are sooo 2006, and I just want more power in the form of a desktop. I want a new iMac now, but will probably just wait until next February and give myself one as a birthday gift.

At that point, new iMacs will come out running 10.6, with better procs, iLife ’09, and God knows what.


From InformationWeek:

For the first time, Yahoo on Thursday added new e-mail domains to its long-standing, which with more than 260 million subscribers worldwide has forced people to use hard-to-remember pseudonyms when signing up for an account.

The addition of and will add millions of new addresses to Yahoo Mail, and let subscribers avoid the use of convoluted addresses the portal said.

I’m very pleased to say that I scored rocket.ship[AT]!

I checked on rocketship, rocketman, and, but they were taken.

Virus 2

I stumbled on Virus2, a flash-based game, and have been playing it every chance I get. The object is to grow your colored Virus so it fills all the calls before you run out of attempts.

I have never been more addicted to an online game before. Can’t. Stop. Playing.