Pogo – Alice

The below quote is from BuzzFeed about the artist Pogo who created the song and video ‘Alice.’ Check out his Last.FM page for downloads and additional tracks.

A strangely compelling electronica song (and video) composed of sounds from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland. Made by a 19-year-old in Australia, “Alice” kind of lulls you into a state of semi-consciousness filled with Cheshire cats and flowers wielding batons.


The Girl and I celebrated 2 years yesterday, May 18th. It’s amazing how time flies.

I’ll be your groupie baby
Cuz you are my superstar
I’m your number one fan
Gimme’ your autograph
Sign it right here, on my heart
Yea, I’ll be your groupie baby
Cuz you are my superstar
And as your number one fan
I’ll do all that I can
To show you how super you are

Groupie for life…

Cardinals Game, 5-15-08.

I had a nice date with my girlfriend tonight at Busch Stadium. The Cards won over the Pirates, 5-1. I took the Sony camera and, from where we were sitting (sec 246, row 2) I got some pretty nice shots which you can check out on my Flickr stream. In one of the shots of Pujols, you can see his 5 o’ clock shadow, so I am pretty pleased with the camera’s zoom function. We sat in front of three guys that were well into their 70s that talked baseball and stats the entire time. The girl and I wanted to take them home, but figured it not an option.

Buying for Equality

If you’re concerned about buying for equality, make sure you check the facts:

Where to Shop, What to Eat, What to Wear, and Where to Bank.

This stemmed from trying to make a decision regarding whether the girl and I were going to get a membership to Sam’s Club or Costco. Costo won by a mile.

Companies I give A LOT of my dollars to, and their corresponding ratings and pages on the Corporate Equality Index, found on the Human Rights Campaign site:
Best Buy: 100% (for the 4th year running)
Target: 80%
Amazon.com: 80%
And now, Costco: 93%

The full report can be downloaded, and a buyer’s guide can be acquired in print.