Sock color should match your pants, not your shoes.

From The Art of Manliness, rules on the proper wearing of socks.

This is a rule that many people are confused about. I’ve heard numerous arguments about whether you should match socks with shoes or socks with pants. You should always match socks with pants because when you sit down and your socks are exposed, you want a solid line of color from your pants to your shoes. Socks that don’t match your pant color create a jarring break in your outfit. So black socks go with black pants and brown socks go with brown pants. Absolutely and under no condition should you ever wear white socks with dark pants unless you want to look like Steve Erkle or 1980’s Michael Jackson.

Snow day

Took a snow day from work today. I’m pretty happy about that. I was supposed to work into the evening tonight but my ’05 work vehicle doesn’t have traction control and only one working windshield wiper. With the snow supposed to come down for the rest of the day and early morning tomorrow, I thought it best to leave the car parked. There’s a new ’08 vehicle on order for me that is at the dealership waiting to have company decals put on it. I can’t wait for that.

I grabbed some movies for the sprout, a video game for myself, and we’re gonna get snowed in.

It’s my birthday on Sunday. I’ll be 28. The girl got me the iPhone, my company’s getting me a new car, and I just got a freakin’ raise!! 2008 is shaping up to be the best birthday ever.

American Gladiators Drinking Game

From here.

The rules:

One drink every time:
– Hulk Hogan addresses someone as “brother”
– A replay of a Gladiator talking shit is shown
– Wolf howls like an idiot
– The announcer makes a bad pun referring to a Gladiators name
– A fan has a sign devoted to a certain Gladiator as if they know who they are or care what they do

Two drinks every time:
– A Contender beats a Gladiator
– A Contender refers to their participation being a dream/honor
– A Contender gets wet
– A Gladiator refers to themselves in the third person
– One of the female Gladiators is referred to as being attractive

Finish your drink if:
– Hogan says, “OH, YEEAAAHH”
– A Contender hits the target in Assault
– A Contender knocks the Gladiator off the platform in Joust
– Anyone has to withdraw because of injury
– Someone actually makes it to the end of the hand-bike without falling off in the Eliminator


I’m upgrading my Vista box when I get off work today.

I’m upgrading the processor, and installing more of a different speed of RAM.

I have 2GB of the exact same RAM that’s compatible with my board. I tried just installing 1.5GB and using the existing 512MB that I have, but the different speeds causes some serious problems. RAM, and it’s logistics, completely confuses me. Parity, speed, FSB, RWS, blah….

So, I think upgrading the proc, and upgrading the RAM to 2GB, even if it’s a lower speed, will help a lot.

So, yeah… That’s pretty awesome.


Today is 0101, or binary 5. Ya know… if you dig a little binary action.

It’s the first of the year and time to do a major backup of your systems.

I should get on that. Oh wait. I don’t HAVE TO, because I am running Leopard, which has Time Machine and makes a backup of my machine every time I create/edit/remove/move files. Straight to a 250GB FreeAgent external hard drive.

So, really… everything’s taken care of. So much better to not have to make an archive and have to fuck around with appended or incremental manual backups.

So, instead of spending the day backing up my stuffs, I was able to sleep, see a movie, shop, have dinner with friends, and shop some more.

01001100 01101001 01100110 01100101 00100111 01110011 00100000 01100111 01110010 01100101 01100001 01110100 00101110

Decode here.