That was Cool…

It snowed in St. Louis about a week ago. I bought my daughter a snow tube so she could sled behind our apartment.

Here’s the video:

Dr. Chamilla vs Dr. Vambord vs Dr. Vanberry vs Dr. Razilla

I have a new thing for Absolut Vanilla Vodka. I have been experimenting with it and mixing it with a lot of stuff to get a good flavor. Dr. Pepper, my favorite soda, goes perfectly.

Dr. Pepper can also be mixed with Chambord to create a Dr. Raspberry. That’s tasty too.

So, this evening, I took Dr. Pepper, Absolut Vanilla, and Chambord to create a new rather tasty drink. I’m torn between four names… Dr. Chamilla or Dr. Vambord or Dr. Vanberry or Dr. Razilla.

I find myself partial to Dr. Razilla because the name clearly describes what’s in the drink. Will get input and make a decision later.

In lieu of puñching you in the face…

My daughter turns five on Sunday and I went to Target to get some things for the party. She’s having an ice skating party, with a private room and all. I bought a Piñata, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and some plates and what-not. Before I made these selections, I was cruising the toy aisles looking for Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends toys. I found none. They carry none. Target, you have failed me for the first time ever, but I do forgive you.

As I was leaving the toy section, I was meandering the back of the store looking at Christmas items and then I hear my name, coming from the mouth of a woman, like a battle cry. My WHOLE name. I look up, and at the other end of the store I see a woman, with a cart, in a slow jog, trying to sweep hair out of her face. She’s running right at me, waving her hand, still saying my WHOLE name, between laughs. She said it FIVE times during her journey across the store.

It’s a client.

She finally reaches me, in front of an end cap that housed tools, drills to be specific. She has items in her cart that stick out in my mind still. A summer sausage, a box of tampons, batteries, and a box of Christmas cards. She’s rattling on that she has tried to get ahold of me. (I know. You’ve left numerous voice mails on my cell.) That she has called my employer. (I know. They relayed the multiple messages.) That she NEEDS me to come to her house and ONLY ME and NO ONE ELSE cuz everyone else sucks, and that you (me), WHOLE NAME, are THE BEST. (I know. I am the best.)

I tell her, “Maybe January.” She’s happy and tells me that she is so glad she saw me here, at Target. She knew it was me from across the store because she saw the jacket with the logo on it and she said, “I knew it just had to be you, WHOLE NAME. It just had to be none other than WHOLE NAME.”

I told her goodbye and then she said my name again. And then I wanted to punch her in the face. But I didn’t, so I bought a Piñata instead. I am so ready to beat the shit out of that little fish.



sh etc/rc
sh passwd

on a client’s machine to change root password for software install purposes. Gotta love a little Command-S boot. Although, Terminal does make my heart race.

Still, I’m salivating over this fix.