I made this post in July, about the One Republic song, Apologize. It’s been nearly six months and I get close to 100 hits per day by people looking for lyrics to this song. The most typed lyric they search by…. “I need you like heart needs a beat…” People like similes apparently. I dig it.

I am still listening to this Timbaland album. For the folks that are listening to it through iPod head phones, you are missing some serious bass. Everything sounds so washed out. When listening, I’d recommend pressing the phones deep into your ears, or get a pair of in-ear phones from Shure or Bose.

Music is so much better when nothing is lost.

YouTube video of Apologize.

Don’t Stop ‘Til…

Anybody that knows me knows I have a strong devotion to the King of Pop. The Original. Michael Jackson. I am a huge fan of his Off The Wall album. Second to Thriller, it’s the best album ever made.

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

You can see some moves starting to form. Michael, the “dancer,” is in his virginal form. He looks like he wants to break so badly, but the 70’s have a tight hold on him…

Having trouble / Leopard

I’m at my last job for the day and I am having a bit of trouble with it. Not because I cannot complete the tasks, but because I have a copy of Leopard in the car that I scored for $60. I convinced a client to sell his additional copy of Leopard to me for less than half what he paid for it.

And so, I am waiting for a few more scans to complete and am hoping my suspicions regarding Norton Internet Security were correct.

I am ripping it out of this gentleman’s system and then going home to upgrade my Mac.

I think the girl and I are going grocery shopping after I get off work. Holy crap, I’d hate to be the person in front of me flying down the aisles tonight.

Three ring

I’m taking my daughter to the circus next Friday, on the 9th. The black dot represents where our seats are. I’m pretty excited. We are smack dab in the middle for a Ringling Brothers three ring circus. I told The Sprout we are going, but I don’t think she quite gets it. I’m stoked.