Take A Chance…

Abba has me stuck… It’s been days. Days and days. I think I’m getting more gay with age.

“Take A Chance On Me”

If you change your mind, I’m the first in line
Honey I’m still free
Take a chance on me
If you need me, let me know, gonna be around
If you’ve got no place to go, if you’re feeling down
If you’re all alone when the pretty birds have flown
Honey I’m still free
Take a chance on me
Gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie
If you put me to the test, if you let me try

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lacrosse + you = NOT

I Googled your name today and one of the results was your name as a lacrosse player. The thought of you playing lacrosse is far more ridiculous than anything I have ever thought of you doing. Obviously it wasn’t you. You’re too dumb/big/DUMB to play lacrosse. Life is truly awesome at times. Like when I picture you playing lacrosse and then LAUGH about it.

Ha… D.A.B. as a lacrosse player. Ha…

Apple Notebooks

Apple Notebooks

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After talking to my first client for a little while today, I found out that she worked in distribution of Apple’s marketing items. She said she had tee shirts, mugs, travel cups, and a bunch of other stuff. She said she was going up to scrummage and would be back. She came back downstairs with some Apple logo-ed notebooks. I was really excited. The silver one, in the bottom right corner is the best. The cover is metal and the logo is raised.

Se la Vista

If I talk about computers here, it’s usually about Macs. But, I do own Windows machines. In fact, they outnumber the Mac by 3 to 1. My daughter and I have desktops and The Girl has a Toshiba laptop.

I built a machine from scratch two a half years ago and at that point in time, you could not find a better machine. It was smoking. The machine could boot Windows XP Pro, after BIOS, in under 12 seconds. It was pretty tweaked out. I had turned off a lot of services and start up was nil. I could be online in under one minute after pressing the power button. It’s my baby. I was given a legitimate copy of Windows Vista Business close to a month ago. It sat at my parents’ house, then in my car, and I finally brought it into the house over a week ago. I had been mulling over whether to upgrade my machine as I wanted the same amount of speed and no difference in performance.

Last night, I decided to throw the Vista disc in and upgrade. I mean, why the hell not… The upgrade process went smoothly. I only had to uninstall Nero. Afterwards, I shut down the machine and checked the boot time. It wasn’t as fast, but still quite speedy. I booted into Vista, ran the updater, and then went to tweaking. I turned off a lot of unnecessary services and then shut the machine down. I checked the boot time again. After BIOS, I am looking at 20 seconds.

October 26th is the drop date for OS X Leopard. I’ll be picking it up and installing it that day. Vista has been out for 10 months, and in those ten months I have spent the same amount of time holding my breath for Leopard as I did dreading the upgrade to Vista.

Vista intrigues me very little and I would have no problem regressing to XP, but it’s semi-nice to be on par with techy peers that can’t believe I was still running XP. What the fux0rs!? Vista be the r0xors! Uh huh…

I’ll be here all morning, thank you.

The Girl and I woke up early this morning and were in bed talking. Our conversation was this:

Her: I was having a dream I could fly… ya know, like Mary Poppins.

Me: (singing) I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. Think about it every night and day. Spread my wings and fly away. I believe I can soooooar. See me running through that open dooooor. I believe I can fly. I believe I can flyyyy….

Her: (Snicker, then silence.)

Me: Didn’t you like my song?

Her: Your knee is in my crotch.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

Anybody that knows me is aware that I tend to break into song. A lot. The ladies love it. Except when it’s 7 AM, and it’s R. Kelly, and it’s THAT SONG.

Dreams afloat

My daughter wakes up every night/morning around 3:00AM-4:30AM and comes in my room. It happens EVERY night like clockwork. She creeps in and sleeps between the wall and the bed on the floor where I have created a palet of blankets and pillows. It’s been happening for months. She usually says weird things, and then passes back out.

This morning, she crept in, and sat on the floor. She said, “Mom…” I woke up, looked over the edge of the bed down at her, and grogged, “What?” Then she said, “My dream is gone. It went up there,” as she pointed to the sky, and then said, “I wish I could get it back, but it went up there and it’s gone.”

My little dreamer then passed out.

…a puzzle

It’s kind of like when you have a few pieces left in the puzzle.

You’re looking at what you’ve done… it’s been difficult with pieces, not seeming what they are, fitting where they don’t belong.

But then…. after all of the time, after all of the miscalculations, something clicks.

It all falls together. The pieces fall into their rightful spots, as if saying, “I was here all along, but you just didn’t see.”

It fits….

Let me explain:

You pick up the child after a long, hard day of work. She watches a Sesame Street podcast in the car. The word of the day is “Newspaper.” You pass some newspaper boxes and stop. You get out, while she sits in the car with an iPod between her small hands, and explain that the newspaper gets delivered every day in these boxes. She gets it. She even asks questions. “Everyday?” Yes, you say. “It’s paper?” Yes, and you read it, to get the news, you say. “It has pictures?” Yes, you say, reminded of Alice in Wonderland where she says something along the lines that a book without pictures is of no value. It has stories, and comics, and puzzles, you say. The child’s interest is peaked.

You meet The Girl at the grocery store, and between the two of you, spend $160 dollars on fruits, vegetables, food… She puts what she wants in the basket. You question her motives, but know whatever she puts in the basket will make her happy. You want nothing more, and certainly nothing less. You ask the child if she wants a very special halloween yogurt with Reeces Pieces as a topping. The child sees you as a superhero, while you (between mixed feelings of joy and pain) remind yourself of your father. The child also wants Justice League graham crackers. You have no choice but to oblige. After all, you cannot force your kid to take up awesome habits, but you can dream and at best, foster. The checkout process is long, but putting the purchased items in the fridge and freezer takes longer.

The neighbors text. They want to play cards. You head over and play a few hands. Until nearly 3AM.

You eventually end up on your computer, waiting for Postsecret to update while The Girl falls asleep. It’s been a perfect day. It’s all fallen into place, kind of like pieces to….


Here’s a great Esquire piece on haggling.

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I love a good deal. More than that, I love making a deal and feeling like I actually named my own price.

I work in the business of sales, but I live for the business of buying.

Too Much

There’s too much to post right now, so I will make this short.

Took back the iPod Touch for various reasons. Got a new 8GB black Nano last night. Have been listening to podcasts all day. This American Life podcast is spectacular.

Back from FL. Took pictures, but don’t have any time off from work anytime soon. Will get them up when I can.

I finally got an invite to Grand Central. I’ve been playing with it the for the last hour or so. It’s the smartest system I have experienced in a long time. It’s a simple, brilliant idea that takes communication, messaging, and being available (and unavailable) when you want to be to an upper level. But, there is quite an issue with text messaging. Seeing as how I communicate through text A LOT, I cannot replace my main cell number with my Grand Central number. I did manage to get a decent 314 area code number, and I am curious to see how much this service will costs once it goes out of BETA. Since it was acquired by Google, I am hoping that it will be semi-free.