I’ve been back from the lake for a week now. I uploaded some photos to my Flickr account. Check them out here. We stayed in my sister’s mother-in-law’s gorgeous condo. It was a dandy time. We rented a pontoon boat for four hours and slipped into a cove off the main lake. I spent some time in the sun and got pretty kinda burned. I don’t tan. I just turn crispy. It’s been a week and I am still burned on my legs. Le Suck. Other than that, we had an amazing time. No email, no phone calls, and no work. We spent our time between the pool, the lake, eating and drinking, and hanging out. We arrived and found a stocked fridge and pantry, and a lot of beer and alcohol. Good times. I finally know what it’s like to start drinking at 11 AM and not stop until you go to sleep. It’s all about pacing yourself.

Had some computer issues over the past week. Initially, my camera wasn’t mounting when I plugged it into a USB port, then my external HDD stopped mounting unless I booted with it connected. I attempted an archive and OS X install, but there were errors on the disc. I tried a Repair on the Disk with Disk Utility, but it couldn’t correct the error, so I backed up my data, threw in my OS disc and reformatted the drive. After the reboot, I threw my data back on, moved back my Library, and it was as if nothing happened. Awesomeness.

I finally got a new GPS at work. I did work without one for about two weeks. It sucked and I don’t ever want to have to do that again. I got the exact same model so I am pretty stoked that I am fully familiar with the equipment.

There were new Spongebob episodes all last week. The Sprout and I watched them all. They are really good. I have been watching Nick and they are advertising that they are showing new episodes all this week. I am curious to see if they are the same ones from last week or additional new ones. Here’s the entire list of all Spongebob Episodes. 86 1/2 episodes and counting!

Lori came over last night and played Mario Party 8 on the Wii with Janette and me. The game is so great. But, it seems if you are in a winning position consistently you have to fight off the other people in the room. Last night, I was called every name in the book, repeatedly and was on the receiving end of many evil eyes. In fact, Lori and Janette ganged up on me at one point to take me out. They weren’t even on a team in the game, but had somehow created an alliance between them due to my repetitive winning.

My daughter sees stuff on TV and says, “Mom go get that for me at the store, ok? I neeeeed it. OK?” She does it with everything, especially food. Newest yet? Cereal straws. She needs them. She told me so.

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