It’s Wednesday, and about 11:00 PM. I spent the night alone, cleaning my laptop, tweaking it out, running scripts, and going through several of my “drop” folders in various places. I tend to accumulate a slew of files on my desktop and then get frustrated with the clutter. I then make a folder, drag the entire desktop into it, and name it “Desktop (date).” What can be worse is if there is a “drop” within a “drop.” Oh noez. In the cleaning this evening, I found one of these mini clusterfucks. It’s gone now. I also cleaned out my Docs, ran OnyX and Mac Sweeper 3.0 (use both with extreme caution, especially if you don’t know anything about system permissions or if you don’t know what the scripts do), installed updates, adjusted my iTunes library, and grabbed available album artwork. I feel so productive.

I regained about 8GBs of space, as I found my “yearly backup” from January in the root of the drive, gouging 6 Gigs. I now have a lean mean processing machine.

Mac Heads, download this App called DeskLickr. It’s an App that adds a small icon in the tool bar, allowing you to change your desktop on a whim to a random image on Flickr. It’s a pretty badass little App. It took me a few flips to get a desktop that I especially liked, but it generates some pretty cool images. Try it.

BTW, The Amy Winehouse album is excellent. I tried to hold out for so long, but will no more.

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