I’ve been back from the lake for a week now. I uploaded some photos to my Flickr account. Check them out here. We stayed in my sister’s mother-in-law’s gorgeous condo. It was a dandy time. We rented a pontoon boat for four hours and slipped into a cove off the main lake. I spent some time in the sun and got pretty kinda burned. I don’t tan. I just turn crispy. It’s been a week and I am still burned on my legs. Le Suck. Other than that, we had an amazing time. No email, no phone calls, and no work. We spent our time between the pool, the lake, eating and drinking, and hanging out. We arrived and found a stocked fridge and pantry, and a lot of beer and alcohol. Good times. I finally know what it’s like to start drinking at 11 AM and not stop until you go to sleep. It’s all about pacing yourself.

Had some computer issues over the past week. Initially, my camera wasn’t mounting when I plugged it into a USB port, then my external HDD stopped mounting unless I booted with it connected. I attempted an archive and OS X install, but there were errors on the disc. I tried a Repair on the Disk with Disk Utility, but it couldn’t correct the error, so I backed up my data, threw in my OS disc and reformatted the drive. After the reboot, I threw my data back on, moved back my Library, and it was as if nothing happened. Awesomeness.

I finally got a new GPS at work. I did work without one for about two weeks. It sucked and I don’t ever want to have to do that again. I got the exact same model so I am pretty stoked that I am fully familiar with the equipment.

There were new Spongebob episodes all last week. The Sprout and I watched them all. They are really good. I have been watching Nick and they are advertising that they are showing new episodes all this week. I am curious to see if they are the same ones from last week or additional new ones. Here’s the entire list of all Spongebob Episodes. 86 1/2 episodes and counting!

Lori came over last night and played Mario Party 8 on the Wii with Janette and me. The game is so great. But, it seems if you are in a winning position consistently you have to fight off the other people in the room. Last night, I was called every name in the book, repeatedly and was on the receiving end of many evil eyes. In fact, Lori and Janette ganged up on me at one point to take me out. They weren’t even on a team in the game, but had somehow created an alliance between them due to my repetitive winning.

My daughter sees stuff on TV and says, “Mom go get that for me at the store, ok? I neeeeed it. OK?” She does it with everything, especially food. Newest yet? Cereal straws. She needs them. She told me so.


It’s Wednesday, and about 11:00 PM. I spent the night alone, cleaning my laptop, tweaking it out, running scripts, and going through several of my “drop” folders in various places. I tend to accumulate a slew of files on my desktop and then get frustrated with the clutter. I then make a folder, drag the entire desktop into it, and name it “Desktop (date).” What can be worse is if there is a “drop” within a “drop.” Oh noez. In the cleaning this evening, I found one of these mini clusterfucks. It’s gone now. I also cleaned out my Docs, ran OnyX and Mac Sweeper 3.0 (use both with extreme caution, especially if you don’t know anything about system permissions or if you don’t know what the scripts do), installed updates, adjusted my iTunes library, and grabbed available album artwork. I feel so productive.

I regained about 8GBs of space, as I found my “yearly backup” from January in the root of the drive, gouging 6 Gigs. I now have a lean mean processing machine.

Mac Heads, download this App called DeskLickr. It’s an App that adds a small icon in the tool bar, allowing you to change your desktop on a whim to a random image on Flickr. It’s a pretty badass little App. It took me a few flips to get a desktop that I especially liked, but it generates some pretty cool images. Try it.

BTW, The Amy Winehouse album is excellent. I tried to hold out for so long, but will no more.

Smashy McSmash-erson

Went to work this AM. I was greeted by a pool of glass on the ground around my service vehicle on the driver’s side door. They smashed the driver’s side window by throwing a near-volley ball-size rock through the window. I tried to imagine the action, but couldn’t fathom the sound it would make, or the distance required between the actor and the impact. The rock was huge, heavy I would find out later. I could see the dust impact from where the rock hit the driver’s seat. It had to have bounced. The thief had to have adrenaline flowing, or meth. I can’t tell. Glass completely covering the inside of the car, I was a little peeved. I had a pretty important corp call to answer at 9:15, a half an hour away. It was 8:35. I was to print my schedule and roll. Obviously, nothing happened as planned. I spoke with a manager, who immediately hopped up, cursing, running for the door to see the damage.

He and I walked out, in silence, walking the perimeter of the car, sighing in heavy breaths. I looked in the car and noticed nothing taken, assuming the car’s trunk had been cleared. Looking in the passenger side, I saw my phone, my order padfolio and schedules from previous days covered in glass, and an empty energy drink can in the cup holder, holding a massive shard of glass. All I could say was, “This sucks, dude. So bad. Suuuuucks.” Rubbing my face, all I could think was, “Oh God. My corp job. I’m fucked. Fuck….” I glanced up and saw something more tragic. On the dash was a plastic mount plate, barren. Less than 48 hours ago, it held a kick-ass Garmin that got me everywhere. My savior. I looked up and said, “Ken, they snatched my Jippus.” He said, “What…?” “My GPS is gone. My GPS….”

After relaying the info to the MOD, I started making calls: Guidance (to reschedule calls), The Police, Insurance, Glass Repair Co, and Wheels Inc for a rental.

I was a little peeved. Well, entirely peeved.

The crook was an idiot. I had ~$2,000 worth of product in the trunk, and a $400 phone sitting in plain view in the front seat, but all they took was a $500 Garmin c550 GPS, mounted on the dash. They weren’t even clean about the job. Instead of spending the time to get the charging cable, they cut it at the dash. Idiot. Dummy. Jerk. Fucker.

I spent the day making calls, waiting for CSI to recover NO PRINTS, and creating a “window” for my vehicle with plastic and tape. I am irritated about the fact that this wasn’t my fault at all, that it could have been prevented, that I am being threatened with not being given a new GPS, and the fact that I have jobs downtown tomorrow that I must get to in a rental Toyota with the aid of crappy maps.

The jerk took the most important tool I use for my job. He/She could have taken anything. (I would have opted for some serious N-related networking equipment). But, they took the only thing I absolutely dreaded losing. Damn them. Damn it all. Damn thieves. Dare I say, damn humanity.

Multiple Choice

I made pancakes for my daughter and The Girl this morning. The Sprout was sitting on the kitchen island, snacking on a single pancake while I was cooking others in the pan. Our conversation went like this:

Mom: “Mary, how many pancakes do you want?”

Sprout: “Two more…”

Mom: “Mary, if you have one (holding up one finger) pancake and I make you two more (adding two more fingers to the hold-up), what does that make?”

Sprout: “That makes it great?”

Mom: “Great indeed, but I would have also accepted three as an answer.”

Sprout: “Noooo… mom, it’s just great.”

I Need You Like a Heart Needs a Beat…

I’m been listening to this Timbaland album, Shock Value. Some tracks clearly have me stuck. Notably, Apologize Ft. One Republic.

Grab it from me (expired)…

Apologize Lyrics:
I’m holding on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground
I’m hearin what you say but I just can’t make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down, but wait
You tell me that you’re sorry
Didn’t think I’d turn around, and say…

It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late

I’d take another chance, take a fall
Take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
But it’s nothin new
I loved you with a fire red-
Now it’s turning blue, and you say…
“Sorry” like the angel heaven let me think was you
But I’m afraid…

It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late

It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
It’s too late to apologize, yeah
I said it’s too late to apologize, yeah-
I’m holdin on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground…

Lotsa lotsa

Much to talk about:

The child: My daughter is funny. Funny like her mama. My daughter gets obsessed quickly with things and they’re obsessively repeated. Example: I played Thriller by Michael Jackson in the car about a month ago. My daughter wanted to hear it a few times, and she called it the Halloween song. Anytime we were in the car, she’d ask for it. Well, she dropped it about two weeks ago, and then I brought it back by showing her the video. Now, it’s all she wants to see and hear. She can sing various lines in the song, including the chorus throughout. I am a big Michael Jackson fan, but I have heard Thriller at least 60+ times in the past thirty days. I have asked her that we limit it to once a day. We’re trying to cut back. But, I have to admit: Hearing my daughter do a healthy OW!, Michael Jackson style, makes my heart melt.

Gadgetry: My iPod is dead. I left it in my car for about two weeks in pretty hot weather. I feel like a dumbass. I tell people every day not to do stuff like that. So, I tried formatting from Mac and PC, with no good results. I wrapped it in a towel, slammed it on the floor. It sounds like the HDD arm is either locked or the HDD just gave out. It was my first, but it won’t be my last. I am Aeonn. It was Fluux. So long…

This site and all things web-ish: I added a ‘Dat’s Mines!!’ page. It’s a small page that may or may not grow. It’s a page people can use to find me on other sites that are social-networking-oriented. I just started using Twitter, which is website where you post what you’re doing in a certain moment. Here’s my page over there. I am thinking this will be super fun to partake in, as you can send updates in the form of text message from your phone. Also, if you don’t update for 24 hours, the website will send you a text asking what you’re doing. I wish my blog did that. I have created an RSS box on the side of the blog that will update when I send updates.

This weekend: The girl is going out of town on a camping excursion. It’ll be terribly quiet around here for about 24 hours. I have to attend a wedding this weekend for one of my cousins. Otherwise, it’s work work work.

Outed: My daughter outed me to my mother again. Little Mary is learning how to take a memory and put it into words and be a good, thorough story-teller. Well, she told a whopper the other day. I was explaining to my mom that she’d done something bad and Little Mary said, “Well…well… my mom di’int get mad and Peanut was in my mommy’s room, and there’s two pillows (holds up hand with two fingers, for emphasis), so she can sleep wit her.” I tried to keep a straight face and not crack a smile. i didn’t even try to stop her when I heard what was pouring out of her mouth. I just kinda nodded my head. On the outside, I was cool and calm. On the inside I was freaking out, and laughing, and screaming, and it was awesome.

That’s all I have, really.