Free to good home

Siblings and friends, I have an Elephant Ear plant that is too big for its current container. I was not expecting it to grow as quickly as it has. I would like to plant this in your yard as soon as possible. It’s a pretty well-mannered plant that needs lots of sunshine and an occasional watering. By occasional, I mean a weekly wash-type watering. This plant has been babied beyond belief. I water it weekly, toss it a few ice cubes when its extremely hot, and spray bottle the stems and leaves when I water it. I am willing to transport it to your home, and move it from the planter and re-plant it in a hole that you have already created. This plant will look gorgeous next to low growing flowers, at the foot of a top-growing tree, or even in front of dense bushes with small flowers. Nancy, this will look really nice against your brick home in a trio. The plant’s tallest shoot is currently about 18 inches tall. The bulb originally sprouted in a trio, but I am seeing two more shoots coming through. This is a hardy one!

I had originally planned on keeping it to plant in my own yard, but I have not yet closed on a house. I don’t intend to until early August. With that said, I cannot keep it in this small planter. If you think you have room in your planter box or have a nice spot in the yard, this plant will provide immediate color and awesome texture. Call me or send an email.

If nobody claims this beautiful plant by Friday, I am planting it in my mother’s yard without permission. She’ll never notice and I may be able to then transplant it to my new yard when I get one.

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