New Orleans, New House

The girl and I, as well as two friends, are heading to New Orleans in one week. I love the charm the city holds, the way it’s so laid back, filled with music, and full of good food and kind people. It’s so great to go to Bourbon Street, party all night, and wake up at noon the next day, and stroll along the river. We’re going for the weekend and will be back on Sunday or Monday.

I put a contract in on a house. I’m waiting to hear back with a counter-offer. It’s move-in ready and I have an estimated closing date of July 6th. I am hoping this goes forth as I really need to quit renting. The house needs minimal work, but I would like to change the tile in the kitchen, both on the wall and the floor. Also, the house needs a fresh coat of paint on the inside, some new shutters, and some plant work in the front. I’m looking forward to finally hanging this plasma on the wall, to having my own space with no neighbors only a wall away. I’m also looking forward to being able to walk outside into a nice yard and play with my daughter. I remain hopeful.

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