Mr. A to Z

And it’s okay if you had to go away
Oh, just remember the telephones
well, they’re workin in both ways
But if I never ever hear it ring-aling-ding-aling-aling
Well, if nothing else I’ll think the bells inside
Have finally found you someone else and that’s okay
Cause I’ll remember everything you sang

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of.. of.. of
And others just read of
and if you could see me now
Well, then I’m almost finally out of
I’m finally out of
I’m finally dee – a dee dee dee
Well I’m almost finally, finally
Out of words

-Jason Mraz

Free to good home

Siblings and friends, I have an Elephant Ear plant that is too big for its current container. I was not expecting it to grow as quickly as it has. I would like to plant this in your yard as soon as possible. It’s a pretty well-mannered plant that needs lots of sunshine and an occasional watering. By occasional, I mean a weekly wash-type watering. This plant has been babied beyond belief. I water it weekly, toss it a few ice cubes when its extremely hot, and spray bottle the stems and leaves when I water it. I am willing to transport it to your home, and move it from the planter and re-plant it in a hole that you have already created. This plant will look gorgeous next to low growing flowers, at the foot of a top-growing tree, or even in front of dense bushes with small flowers. Nancy, this will look really nice against your brick home in a trio. The plant’s tallest shoot is currently about 18 inches tall. The bulb originally sprouted in a trio, but I am seeing two more shoots coming through. This is a hardy one!

I had originally planned on keeping it to plant in my own yard, but I have not yet closed on a house. I don’t intend to until early August. With that said, I cannot keep it in this small planter. If you think you have room in your planter box or have a nice spot in the yard, this plant will provide immediate color and awesome texture. Call me or send an email.

If nobody claims this beautiful plant by Friday, I am planting it in my mother’s yard without permission. She’ll never notice and I may be able to then transplant it to my new yard when I get one.


It’s Friday night…

I spent the day at work (kind of), viewed a house, and….

did robot research.

Eric Joyner does art that involves tin robots. I have checked out his store and may invest in a few prints. Robots are awesome. The print featured below is called “Wading Ashore.” Love it.

House of a different color.

I have an appointment to see four houses in Affton on Friday. I am a stickler on stuff. The kitchen and bath need to be updated and I really need a flat yard and a garage. The four houses I am going to see have all of this. I have my heart set on one of them, as the bathroom and kitchen look very European-style with dark, rustic colors, and new tile. The house has hardwood flooring throughout and each room is done in a very bold different color. I love it. I can’t wait to see it.

Photos can be seen here.

I can’t tell if that link above is cookied, so if you have issues, go to Gundaker and the MLS is 731005.

The pictures show little, so a walk-through is necessary. I am stoked.

Back from NOLA.

I am back from New Orleans, LA. A good time was had by all. There was a seafood festival directly across from the French Market this past weekend. I ate crawfish for the first time. I decided to buy a nice pound a half basket of crawfish as they were highly recommended. After close to an hour, the basket was gone, and I was extremely happy I’d been adventurous. I did some research and found a local restaurant in St. Louis that serves crawfish by the bucket. Besides food, there was a lot of drinking, dancing, and partying with strangers. The video below is the best one I took all weekend. Pictured below is Keeley, a random stranger, and a balloon. Stuff like this kept happening all weekend. Notice the complete look of shock on Keeley’s face, which turns to surprise, and then to raunchy. Enjoy.

New Orleans, New House

The girl and I, as well as two friends, are heading to New Orleans in one week. I love the charm the city holds, the way it’s so laid back, filled with music, and full of good food and kind people. It’s so great to go to Bourbon Street, party all night, and wake up at noon the next day, and stroll along the river. We’re going for the weekend and will be back on Sunday or Monday.

I put a contract in on a house. I’m waiting to hear back with a counter-offer. It’s move-in ready and I have an estimated closing date of July 6th. I am hoping this goes forth as I really need to quit renting. The house needs minimal work, but I would like to change the tile in the kitchen, both on the wall and the floor. Also, the house needs a fresh coat of paint on the inside, some new shutters, and some plant work in the front. I’m looking forward to finally hanging this plasma on the wall, to having my own space with no neighbors only a wall away. I’m also looking forward to being able to walk outside into a nice yard and play with my daughter. I remain hopeful.