I want a human.

My DirecTV is out. It tends to be knocked out when someone moves out and cancels their service. I always assumed it’s because my apartment complex uses stacked dishes.

I just spent 41 minutes holding for a tech. I never got anyone on the phone. I hung up out of frustration and because it was before 9 and I didn’t want to burn minutes on hold. Even getting to the hold portion of the customer service sequence took a good five minutes.

“2 for billing and questions, 3 for repair and general questions”

“Wait, I thought 2 was for questions. WTF!?”

Usually, I tend to just jam on 0 and I don’t mind being transferred three or four times. I can’t stand the monotonous voice that speaks in broken grammar, and I hate the piano music that plays over and over.

Here’s a website that tells you how to get a human on the line. It seems that the right thing to do, normally, is just keep jamming on 0.

An open letter

Dear Downstairs Neighbor:

When you saw me by the steps the other night and said, “Hey, your buddy poured some beer over the balcony, and I was outside,” I imagined you were looking for some type of apology.

To be honest, I kind of don’t care for you. I hear you through the floors on too many nights, getting screamed at because you’re a jerk and your lady friend is normally mad at you. I haven’t seen her in a while. Did she move out?

After you said that to me, I went upstairs to investigate. I know that whoever did it, did not do it knowing you were there.

I told the guilty party what you said. He said, “I know. He said something to me. Said I splattered some on him. Told him I was sorry.”

I kind of smirked. Then he said, “It wasn’t beer. I was taking a leak.”

Thought you might want to know that,

-Your Upstairs Neighbor

Hardly har har

Since I have your attention, I do recommend two things:

One should not be angered by that which they cannot control.

More importantly, one should not seek what one does not wish to find.

I do not associate with the peanut gallery as I find them to be cowardly and insecure.
You came, looking for a reaction. Why be angry if you found what you were looking for?


I recently started watching the series LOST on DVD and I am halfway through the first season. I marathoned it today. I’ve been watching it since 3 o clock, and it’s now 11. I think I am going to squeeze in two more episodes and then I’ll sleep.

I just added the entire second season to my Blockbuster queue. I’ll probably marathon that one too.

All I keep thinking is, “What the hell is that? In the freaking jungle? The monster thing. O.M.F.G.”

My name is Mary. And I’m a LOSTaholic.

Cottage home

I found this absolutely gorgeous cottage house that I am going to view tonight at 6:30. I am pretty excited to go and see it. It’s a 2br/1ba that sits on .75 acres. It also has an outbuilding that that is 14′ X 20′. It’d make a perfect playhouse for Little Mary. I already have plans for the outbuilding. Relocate the door and re-do it in a funky shape, paint it, add shingles to the little windows, and maybe a skylight or two. I want to see what the floors look like.

The house is perfect, being not too small and not too big, with a 2 car garage and semi-finished basement with a hobby room.

I will take some pictures and post them when I get back. I. Am. Stoked.

Updated: Pictures after the jump!

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Ten Reasons it Doesn’t Pay to be the Computer Guy

My company has a private forum where all of the computer nerds get together and bang heads. Someone posted this on the forums for a good read. It was linked to, but the hosting server is currently down. It’s called, “Ten Reasons It Doesn’t Pay to be the Computer Guy.” It’s pretty lengthy, so I’ll set it after the jump.

I think I agree with the majority of the reasons, especially #9 and #3.


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Star Clipper

I am up and at em this morning. I’m currently sitting in my work vehicle, in the rain, as I have about ten minutes before I have to leave for my first call, which is at noon. My first call is in U City, home of the Delmar Loop. I used to frequent this location a lot, but have been visiting it less over the past year or so for various reasons. I have a gap in my day after my first call and so I am going to stop by Star Clipper, my favorite comic shop, between my first and second call. I may even have lunch at the Bread Co if I am feeling adventurous.

Hazzing Cookies

Last night I met up with some friends at a local sports bar while the girl stayed home with Little Mary. The girl says I sauntered in around 3:45 or so. I thought it was earlier. I crept in to bed, but then later moved to the couch. Little Mary came in at around 8:00 and requested that cartoons be turned on. About an hour later I woke to find her sitting on me, eating a cookie, and swinging her legs. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “I’m hazzing cookies and washing cartoons, Mommy.” Got it.

After giving her a bath and swapping out multiple PC games for her, I called grandma to come and get her. She did.

It’s been a lazy lazy day.

Now I’m watching a CSI marathon on Spike TV. I’m going to take a short nap while I wait for Janette to get out of class. Tonight’s her last class… ever. College grads are sexy.

We’re going out this evening, meeting up with the regulars at our regular Wednesday spot. I’m the DD since the girl is celebrating her soon-to-be freedom from college.


CNN has a cool story about iGoogle and how Google wants to make every browsing experience tailored to each person. Here’s my “iGoogle” page. This is what I see every time I open a web browser. It has a theme that changes with the weather. It’s raining around these parts and the image reflects that. Here’s how iGoogle. How do uGoogle?