$50 buys you a Mac?

I’ve been keeping an eye on St. Louis’s craigslist, specifically the computers for sale section. I am trying to get my hands on an iMac desktop for my girlfriend. She uses a Windows laptop, which I got for her in November, but it’s time she joined the Mac family. So I am looking for an iMac which will run OS X. Some people on craigslist sell stuff without knowing what they have. I saw a few older CRT iMacs that are extremely capable being listed for under $50. Maybe people just think they’re monitors?

Flash to the Past

I had to work today and, ironically, my first service call was on the same street where Keith and Lily used to rent a house. I was two doors up, at a neighbors, performing an installation. I asked about the house and mentioned that I used to know people that used to live there. She remembered Keith and Lily and said that a younger woman had just moved out and that the house will probably be up for rent again.

After I finished, she walked me out the door and we talked about the tree across the street from Keith and Lily’s old spot. It had been struck by lightning years ago, when I used to frequent there, and had suffered a massive scar down its entire body. I mentioned that it looked just as fresh today as it had then.

Some old wounds never heal, I suppose.

John Mayer – Vultures

You fuckin’ Vultures…

As the title states, this is called “Vultures,” by John Mayer.

Some of us, We’re hardly ever here
The rest of us, we’re born to disappear
How do I stop myself from
Being just a number
How will I hold my head
To keep from going under

Down to the wire
I wanted water but
I’ll walk through the fire
If this is what it takes
To take me even higher
Then I’ll come through
Like I do
When the world keeps
Testing me, testing me,testing me

How did they find me here
What do they want from me
All of these vultures hiding
Right outside my door
I hear them whisperin
They’re tryin to ride it out
Cause they’ve never gone this long
Without a kill before

Down to the wire
I wanted water but
I’ll walk through the fire
If this is what it takes
To take me even higher
Then I’ll come through
Like I do
When the world keeps
Testing me, testing me, testing me

Wheels up
I got to leave this evening
Can’t seem to shake these vultures
Off of my trail
Power is made, by power being taken
So I keep on running
To protect my situation

FYI 4.28.07

When you said to me tonight, “Good for you, dude. Good for you,” I wanted to scream. I wanted to say, “Do you know how hard I worked to get where I am? Do you know what I do? Do you know that I spend a lot of time away from my daughter so I can maintain my life, but that every moment I do spend with her seems like it should be documented and photographed? That I rarely see my absolutely gorgeous girlfriend before twilight hours? Do you know that I envy your easy-going life, but have no interest in being you? Do you know that if I could reverse time I wouldn’t? Do you know that I will be the most successful person you know know via someone? That I can make mountains fall? That people saying my name makes others smile? That people wish they had known me years ago?”

“Do you know that I wouldn’t change a thing?”

I never would. I am the happiest person on the face of this earth. I have not a worry in my body and only my future to look forward to. I am a rock star.

I hope when you are my age you never say to someone, “Good for you,” as though they are a mess and are finally trying to do something.

I have been doing something all along, and the pieces of my life are finally falling into place. It looks good. The grass is green, the fence is white, and the street looks quiet. It’s everything I have ever wanted and I am so happy it is happening now.



And like that, it’s gone. regressing.net went *poof* today and now this is my permanent, guilt-free home. I call it guilt free because it doesn’t cost a dime; therefore, I won’t feel so obligated to make posts that make no sense and are boring. I hope those left behind or that didn’t get the announcement will find their way here. A simple search of “Aeonn” should get them here, I think.

I still have major work to do. Namely, image link transfers. Should be fun!


I made a post not too long ago about switching to free services for my web, email, blogging, needs. The switch is nearly done, except for the tediousness of switching links for the all of the images for the past four years. I am glad that I have been light on the image posting lately, so I don’t think this will take too long. 0 down, 259 images to go.

I am using Gmail for email, since Google is nearly God-like.
I am using wordpress.com for my blogging needs, as WP is what i am comfortable using.
I am using MyOtherDrive for file and image hosting and hotlinking.

The transformation is nearly complete, but please update your bookmarks and/or feeds as follows:

Link to blog: aeonn.wordpress.com
Link for XML: aeonn.wordpress.com/feed/

So, please check for new posts at aeonn.wordpress.com as regressing.net will be closed in about 7 days. I will be posting at both sites until the 10th and then this site will just be a static GO HERE page.