Travel Map

I really need to get out more. Like out of this country. I almost have the 50 states pretty well taken care of, though. I’ve never been to the Carolinas, Texas, or the Dakotas. Is there anything in the Dakotas?

By hovering over the green portions you can view the name of the country or state that I’ve visited. The only one for me outside of North America? Spain.

You can Create Your Own Map if you like.

I’m looking for a free blog service so that I can convert everything and drop my webhost. I don’t use this site much, and can get email for free. I also don’t use the massive amount of webspace that I am provided. I am looking at “” since this is a wordpress blog already. I need to make sure that I can transfer everything smoothly and that none of my posts will lose their images.

I’ve been testing the service over the past few days and it seems SLOW. The site is slow to load. Creating a post takes forever. Maybe they are working on things? For days at a time? I have locked in a domain that is pretty identifiable. The site will nearly be a mirror image of this one, but the maintenance cost will be less. I still have a bit of research to do, regarding amount of storage required for my images and what not.

This is not a definite thing. If I can’t find something that affords me the same flexibility, then I will probably not make the move. Check out It does look pretty posh and the majority of the features for a wordpress blog on a standard domain are available on a site. Much research to do.