Valentine’s Day came and went. The girl brought me a box, and in that box was a Nintendo Wii. I hooked it up to my new TV and it looks amazing. Little Mary and I have been playing the Wii as much as possible. I play a lot of Wii Sports and Rayman. She’s a Spongebob fan.

My new washer and dryer were delivered today. I originally was going to have the delivery guys remove my old set, but then decided to list it on craigslist. Within 2 hours I had the old pair sold, and 5 hours later, they were picked up and put on a truck. The new set is gorgeous. It holds so much laundry.

The girl is talking vacation. We want to go back to New Orleans. So, I am making reservations to go in June. She wants to go in March, but I think going in the summer will show us a much better time and more of a party. Also, I think some of our friends want to go and so a little more notice may be necessary.

I swear I’ll post again here before June. I’ve been blogging a while now and I have been contemplating changing my post themes. So, I’ve been thinking… less talk, more links.

TH-50PX60U & The Cabrio

TH-50PX60U I’d like you all to meet my new TV. It’s a Panasonic 50″ Diagonal HDTV Plasma. It’s quite an upgrade from the Samsung 27″ Dynaflat Tube TV I have which is about a foot and a half deep and requires such a large platform on which to sit. The 50″ is less than 4″ thick and the stand I am purchasing is so much smaller than the wooden monstrosity I currently have that accompanies the 27″. I have grown tired of the discombobulation that is my “entertainment center.” It’s a mess. Between scattered components, random media cabinets and the space it requires I found my frustration. And so, I am upgrading.

Also, check out my new laundry system, the Whirlpool Cabrio. I have had quite a laundry crisis in my home lately, due to the fact that I have been working with an apartment-size washer and dryer that only washes half-loads. The Cabrio washer doesn’t have an agitator which means increased space, which means it washes more clothes at once. In fact, it washes three loads at once. Crisis = alleviated.

Tomorrow’s my birthday. I’m spending it with a slew of people. First dinner and drinks, then we’re heading to the casino for slots and drinks, and then to a lounge for dancing and drinks.