29 is prime

This is my second time posting this. Instead of “Command + Tab,” I pressed “Command + Q” (it’s SO second nature); thusly, closing Firefox and sending a decent four paragraph post into oblivion. Weee! I am so in the mood to re-write everything right now. Really. I. Am.

So, much has happened since the 12th. A quick rundown:

WordPress has released version 2.1 of their blogging software. It looks like a bad ass release. I am pretty much ready to implement this, as I am running a very much so earlier version, like 2.0.x and am in need of a major update. Reading the post, I am pretty excited about this release. It even has an Autosave feature which would have been really helpful about ten minutes ago. So, I am going to upload this tomorrow and let you all know how it is. WordPress: One release closer to world domination.

I got a new job. Same company. Huge pay increase. Less work days. I am pretty stoked about it. I’ll be working 4 ten-hour days as opposed to 5 eight-hour days. This alone, was the clincher. Don’t get me wrong, the raise is super nice, but the idea of three days off is so awesome. The job has a lot of great perks (car, phone, etc.) and huge potential for advancement.

My birthday is a week from Saturday. I’ll be 27. 27 is exciting, but I am waiting to be an age of prime. Yes, prime. 29 is prime. Only two more years. The birthday will be spent hopping around to different places I am sure. I was pretty sick on my last birthday, and ended up having an all-around bad evening. It is, therefore, my mission to make sure this birthday is insanely fun.

I think that’s it. From what I remember, anyway.

Back it up, back it up…

I am doing a major backup of my Powerbook today so that I can re-install Mac OS X. I am finding my machine to be running increasingly slow, and so after several script runnings, a few reboots, and some further research, I am just going to reinstall the OS. Some people swear that this is never necessary. I disagree. I used to wipe my Windows box every six months or so, or sometimes more frequently, depending on circumstances. I have had my Powerbook for about a year and a half, and this will be the first reinstall I am performing. So, of course, I have to back up copious amounts of data, including about 35GBs of music, 16GBs of movies, 8GBs of photos, and about 1.5GBs of documents of various kinds. This process (backing up, reinstalling, and putting stuff back) will probably not finish until Sunday, as between now and then I have to work about 20 hrs, and a friend from out of town is coming in. The Girl and I are kicking it with her on Saturday night, and Sunday we are sleeping in. Once I wake up, I’ll get back to finishing what I do not get taken care of today. If you don’t hear from me in the next week (which probably isn’t uncommon around here), assume that I broke everything, and have fallen off the face of the Earth.

P.S. I can say the entire Alphabet in Arabic, months of the year, combination numbers, and several conversational phrases. My girl has Arabic music old school cassette tapes in her car. I like to listen to them, but she doesn’t. I think they’re so bad ass.