Happy New Year / Currently

Christmas rolled in and rolled out pretty quickly. I spent the day with my family, and my daughter spent the day dressed as a cowgirl, after opening gifts in the morning. Christmas passed so quickly this year. There was no big feast, and very little time spent with the extended family. It was unlike past Christmases, where the entire day is spent with extended family.

I got a lot of cool stuff, and I bought some stuff for myself, including a PCMCIA data card from Verizon. Well, I didn’t actually pay for it, as the card was free and activation was free because of my corporate discount. Also, I get a pretty steep corporate discount on the service. Smart move, I think.

New Year’s will be spent with the girl, at a friend of a friend’s house where all of our other friends will be meeting up. I am spending this New Year with a lot of pretty fun and cool people. I’m excited. The last week of January, I am taking my vacation from work. I am pretty stoked about that too, as it will roll into my birthday weekend.

Happy New Year!
Kul ‘am wa antum bikhair!


Listening to:
Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor.
John Legend’s Once Again.
Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor

Arabic for Dummies
Signing for Dummies

Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess for Gamecube.
Touch Detective for Nintendo DS.
Elite Beat Agents for Nintendo DS.

Marhaba… (Hello)

The girl I am currently seeing speaks conversational Arabic on the side, and so I have spent a bit of time learning a few phrases and have gone as far as to pick up an Arabic language book. I am still learning the alphabet, both pronunciation and order. I can say several phrases, count to ten, the days of the week, and am growing my vocabulary pretty rapidly. I have considered purchasing a label maker and putting labels all over the house, immersing myself in the language. The girl purchased me a new fish and so I named him/her “samak (fish).” The language is fun, fascinating, and pretty easy to catch on. Pronunciation is where I need a little help sometimes, and so I tend to consult the girl. Good times.

‘ilaa al-liqaa’ (see you soon)


The power is back on and everyone is still alive, save for a beta fish that got a little bit too chilly.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is out for Nintendo GameCube. As an early Christmas present, the girl purchased a copy today so that I could begin my quest. I started playing at about 5:00pm and managed to clock over 8 hours of game play between then and now. It is after 2am and I should be going to bed. The saga continues (?) with the battle of good and evil, and adds another chapter to a very long and involved series. The time line for The Legend of Zelda series is very obscure. Apparently, Twilight Princess takes place some time after Ocarina of Time, but well before The Windwaker. While I cannot keep up with every game in the series and where it fits in the Zelda time line, others can. Also, Wikipedia has a pretty extensive page on the history of The Legend of Zelda series.

I signed my daughter up for dance classes last week on a whim. She goes on Thursdays. I went to get Chinese and managed to sign her up in a dance class in the same plaza. So, I had to get ballet shoes, tap shoes, tights, a leotard, and a snazzy bag to hold all of the stuff. She was pretty excited about the shoes, but I don’t quite think she gets what’s going on. Her first class is Thursday. Break a leg!

My little sprout turns four on Saturday and we are having a bowling party. WooHoo! Four years old, in dance class, and still bossing mom around.

Christmas… Huh? It’s here already? It was Thanksgiving yesterday! I still have a pretty fair amount of shopping to accomplish and so little time. Less than two weeks, in fact.

Between Zelda, birthdays, work, and dance class, I will try to find time to update later this week. I am a crappy blogger that lacks dedication.

Power on…off

My place has been without power since Saturday morning. A huge storm came through on Thursday, lasted through mid-Friday, and I managed to lose power after all of it. I am guessing melting ice may have been the problem. I took my daughter to Grandma’s so her toes were warm, and the girl and I braved the cold on Saturday night. I hate the cold, hate the dark, and hate that, out of habit, I will still flip light switches when I enter rooms, so Sunday night, I stayed at my mom’s. Staying at Mom’s is a little weird. I haven’t stayed here in a while and now I get to hear famous lines like, “Make sure the house is clean,” “Make the bed,” and “Don’t mess up my kitchen.” I hope I don’t have to be here long or I will probably attempt to restore the power at my place by myself.