Moto Q as DUN

I am in a Broadband-less area, it’s true. I’ve been suffering with dial-up for roughly the past year and recently heard that my apartment complex would be getting Charter. This was “the light” I’d been waiting for. Well, the light has yet to shine and we are nearly in October. Needing to find an alternative, I did some research, and found that setting up the Moto Q as a modem was an option, even on a Mac, over Bluetooth.

For an additional $15/month on a cell plan, you can use the Moto Q as a modem, through an option called DUN, or dial up networking. I called this evening and asked that this feature be added to my account. The rep told me this wasn’t an option for a Mac. Knowing it was, after doing extensive research at, I said, “Well, I have a Windows machine, so could I get it for that then?” She said, “well..errmmmm.. uh, no.. no. Well, yeah…” and told me I needed extra hardware, including an additional PCMCIA card, and a “special data transfer” cable. I asked her to please add the feature. She did and told me to wait approximately an hour and that once I got my mysteriously special hardware I could then use it to connect. Uh huh… right.

So, I synced the Moto Q with my Powerbook, setting it up as a Bluetooth device and to use the device to connect to the internet, and then set up the settings for the actual connection. I hit connect and crossed my fingers. Connecting…. Connecting…. Authenticating… 0:02..0:03..0:04. I was on.

The speed is quite impressive. In fact, it’s nearly the speed one would encounter over a WiFi network. Apparently, if you set up the Moto Q as a USB modem, the speed is true Broadband. While this sounds more desireable, I am extremely happy with what I have currently.

Performing a test at, I get a result of 259.2 kilobits per second. Not too shabby for Bluetooth…

Note: If you find that your Moto Q drops a connection after being idle for a while, be sure to disable these: System Prefs->Network->Bluetooth->Configure->PPP Tab->PPP Options-> Deselect “Send PPP Echo Packets” & “Use TCP Header Compression.”


Lots of cool stuff taking place all over the place. A new 80GB iPod was released and now you can download games from the new iTunes 7. I think I might snatch one of the 80GB models and then wait for the next big thing. I have a a 4th Gen 40GB model that has a monochrome display and just plays musack. I need an update. Now seems like a good time.

iTunes 7 is a great update. I like the way you can now browse through albums by the cover. This requires impeccably tagged music. I am pretty happy I made that a priority from the start, although I am still finding gaps here and there.

John Mayer’s latest studio album, Continuum, was released. I’ve only had a few hours to really listen to it and I am in love with a few of the tracks. Stop This Train and I Don’t Trust Myself are my current favorite tracks. John Mayer was just in town on Sunday, but I didn’t go see him. I wanted to. I think. I just didn’t.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but about a two weeks ago I went and bought a new phone, a Treo 700p, specifically. I had some issues with it right off the bat, and so I returned it within four days. I decided to switch to the Motorola Q and have been really happy with it. The problem I had with the Treo 700p was that it was a PDA first, and a phone second. The Motorola Q is just the opposite.

I’m looking at a new job with the same company I have been with for the past year and a half. I just got promoted in May, but have my eye on a new position at another location. I am trying to get someone above me to sign off on releasing me, but I’ve been turned away. I’ve decided to take a sort of “back-door” route and went to someone who has ties with the top guy. Hopefully, she will put a buzz in his ear.

Cards Game and miscellany

I was in a client’s home on Friday, performing an emergency save on a network. I ended up spending three hours there, setting up additional work on Sunday, and walked out with four baseball tickets to tonight’s Cardinals game. I have not been to a game all season, and have not been inside the new Busch Stadium. The girl has been wanting to go all season, so she was pretty happy to find out that I’d magically gotten tickets. She swears I am lucky and that stuff like this happens to me all the time. They’re outfield field box tickets, so pretty nice seats for free. We’re dragging (not really) two guys from work with us. It should be a total blast.

In other news, I find out officially on Saturday whether I am going to Florida or not. I am pretty sure I am but will have a definite answer in five days.

My garbage disposal went out on me last night. Out of nowhere. It was making this horrible grinding noise, as if something had fallen down there that maybe should not have and then… silence. I called to have a maintainence guy come out, but he didn’t show up before I left today.

My mother has been telling my daughter about Christmas already. My daughter woke up this morning asking when it was going to snow and whether Santa was coming soon. Try explaining to a three-year old that she has to wait three months to get what she wants. My daughter has no concept of time. She understands “now” and “later.” And, “later” to her is no later than an hour or two.