I’m cool, but laundry sucks

My girlfried, though she loves me, has no idea how cool I am. After all, I listen to the Flaming Lips and can sing their albums word for word. I can write programs, up and down, in Visual Basic, C+ and PERL. I am fluent in Windows and OS X, semi-fluent in Linux and Spanish. I can blow smoke rings from cigarettes, and have been reading comics by Adrian Tomine. I can write XHTML and HTML, decipher PHP, and can navigate my way through a SQL database. I can write papers like a part-time job. I am able to juggle a sprout, my job, family, ex in-laws, a social life, her, and hobbies. I am in to gaming, music, computers, programming, networking, and all things nerdy.

So what that my downfall is laundry. So what that there is a clean pile in the 1) living room chair, 2) atop the built-in tumble dryer, 3) and stacked in 1/4 of the dining room chairs. So what that dirty laundry is piling up 1) in my hamper, 2) in my closet, 3) in the kid’s hamper, 4) and in front of the washer.

I swear that if I could hire someone to do all of the laundry, I would. The going rate for washing, drying, and hanging up items in the appropriate place is $30/hr. I will pay hundreds for someone to come and JUST do LAUNDRY. It is taking over my apartment, and seeping into my life. It’s getting hard to find clean t-shirts. In fact, I’ve ordered new ones from the Threadless to fix the problem, but they have still yet to arrive. It’s a good thing that tomorrow is my day off and that the sprout does not go to school, as I don’t want her to be the kid that , “shows up every day wearing the same shorts.”

It was cold tonight, so I actually got to pull a hoody out of the closet. So excited about this. Not for the cold (and not because they’re clean, but that is a plus), but because of the opportunity to wear a hoody again. They’re second skin to me.

Battery recall

The goddess of laptops has blessed me this week. Apple has recalled batteries for G4-based 12″ iBooks, 12″ Powerbooks, and 15″ Powerbooks because they like to catch fire and melt people’s hands. My 15″ Powerbook sees a lot of battery use, so a replacement is good. Also, I am interested in keeping all of my fingers.

Hello Broadband…

I visited the leasing office at my current residence today. I went in to get a few questions answered, mainly, “When will high speed be available here.?”

It’s curious to think that in this day and age, and considering how close I am to civilization that it is not offered. DSL is not available, and cable is canceled out due to contracts. My current complex has some deal with DirecTV which cancels out any attempt to get cable. Also, the current setup of the DirecTV is stacked. Trying to have a TiVo is possible, but requires a destacker ($200-$300), and installation ($175). They call it possible; I call it a joke. Obviously, being a techno-nerd I was fed up. Based solely on the lack of broadband, I was ready to move.

When will high speed be available here,” I asked. She proceeds to tell me that, in fact, “Charter will be here tomorrow. We’re switching.” Awesomeness. I am really excited about it. I can have all three rooms wired, including my daughter’s, have a TiVo, and broadband. So, I asked her when they thought they’d be flipping the switch. She couldn’t tell me an exact date, but wanted to say early to mid September.

So, I renewed my lease. I like my little 2br/2ba apartment. I like that I am on the second floor with no one above me. I like the massive kitchen I have. I like the washer/dryer hookups. I like the balcony, and I like my walk-in closets. I like all of it. I like how close it is to work, family, and the girl. I think I’ll love it when I get some new technology possibilities. September can’t come soon enough.


I cannot get over how freaking awesome Backpack is. I mean, seriously. Anyone with a lot of things to do that is looking for a way to organize and prioritize them, or if a friendly reminder is needed should look into Backpack. It’s free to make lists, leave notes for yourself, and have a writeboard. If you want to be able to add images or files, it’ll cost you $5/month at a minimum. I’ve been using it for months, love it, and am looking forward to using it a lot more once my connection is speedier. This is the perfect tool for a memory that is less than perfect. But, it doesn’t stop at to-do lists or leaving notes for yourself. Check out the possibilities


I am looking for a new place. I haven’t been really into looking, though. The last thing I want to do on my day off work is look for another place to live. I know that if I don’t get out and look then I will end up here for another year or so. While that’s not entirely horrible, it’s not what I want.

I’m still on my way to Florida, it looks like. I am doing pretty well in the contest, currently 2nd in the Territory. I need to be in the top 6, so I am well on my way. The girl and I lay in bed and talk about Florida. We talk about the hotel, what we’ll do, and how we’ll spend our time. We talk about Disney, Universal, and the other people we’ll be going with. It’d be a major disappoint not to go. Moreso for her than for me, it seems.

I’m waiting for the girl to get off work today so that we can hook up and go do stuff. All we have on the agenda is pizza at Racanelli’s. After that, it’s all fun and games. I think I’m into this girl. A lot. I can’t remember when I’ve ever smiled so much.


There’s a contest going on at work. All of the locations in the territory are competing against each other for a trip to Florida in October. The trip is all expenses paid, and the winners get some spending cash, and fabulous prizes while they’re down there. Last year, winners got a nice laptop, a digital camera, and an mp3 player. Sounds like they made a haul. So, this year I have to be top 6 in the territory over a two month period. I ended up 5th for the month of July, and that was after I felt we had a “bad month.” So, August is upon us. I have one month left before I find out if I am going to Florida. I want to go so badly and am doing everything in my power, performance-wise, to be sure I go. Not only is the trip paid for entirely, but I also get to take a guest. They are also paid for. I’m stoked. The Girl is stoked. We’re going. I find out, for sure, the week of the 28th. I can’t wait.