Only in the past…

When I moved to Virginia in 2002, I didn’t know anyone except a certain boy. It was odd to be in a new place and not know anyone. I am a person that keeps little company normally, but to only know one person made it highly uncomfortable. When he decided to go out to sea, I was left alone with no one to know. I decided one morning that I would leave the next day to drive home to St. Louis to visit the family and see faces that I recognized.

Before my grandmother passed away, my mother would meet her at McDonald’s on Tuesdays, right around 4:30 or so. It was always known that on Tuesdays that was where you were to go, to eat, to visit with the family, and to see Grandma and Mom.

I happened to be leaving VA on a Tuesday morning, and didn’t tell anyone I was coming home. It was my first trip back since I had left. I drove straight through, stopping to get gas and the occasional bag of chips and bottle of water. Arriving in St. Louis, I realized the time. I drove straight to McDonald’s, walked in, and felt so very at home. All of my siblings were there, my nephew was there, Grandma was there, and of course Mom. I wanted to cry. I had never been so happy to see my mother, and I don’t think she had ever been so happy to see me. I am all about the element of surprise sometimes. It was the best surprise I had given to them, and possibly one of the better surprises I had given myself.

NO, LA and the vx7000

The girl and I are back from New Orleans. We had a pretty good time, spending most of our time there on Bourbon Street. We took a swamp tour, watched fish jump in the river, had Tortues at the Southern Candymakers, visited Cafe du Monde, and drank Hand Grenades.

Hand Grenades:

Ingredients: ( serves 8 )

12 oz gin
12 oz grain alcohol
12 oz melon liqueur
12 oz rum
12 oz vodka


Stir ingredients together in a collins glass filled with ice cubes. Add water and sugar if desired, to taste, and serve.

The girl managed to get me tipsy enough to actually dance out on the floor, in a club, with her. I’m not much of a dancer, but figured I owed her since I dragged her to one of the queer clubs on St. Ann.

So, I am getting rid of my LG vx9800, going back to my vx7000, and waiting for my New Every Two in November. I am tired of the bulk, lack of battery life, and lack of easy customization for the vx9800. I switched back to my 7000 this morning, listed my 9800 on eBay, and already added some new stuff to my 7000, including new ringtones and a few new pictures. I did like the 9800 for a few reasons, including the full QWERTY keyboard, which allowed for easy texting, but I didn’t use the mp3 player, and rarely used the camera, as the refresh rate was WAY TOO SLOW. I am happy to be back in my 7000, and am hoping my 9800 sells for a decent price.

K2, the beast.

Switched to the K2 theme, an update/extension to Kubrick. This theme is very much so in beta, but will see some major development over the rest of the year. I am running it as I was bored with Kubrick. The K2 code is clean, but rather complex. There’s too much to pick through right now to make any edits. I need to bring Gravtar back, and would like to edit a few details on the front page. This theme is nowhere near completed; hence, you may experience some dead ends if you poke around too much.

Misc. II

I rejoined Netflix, at the 3 out at a time plan. I have mostly documentary flicks in my queue, as I find them to normally be worth my time.

I am meeting up this weekend with a girl I knew in high school, whom I have not seen for about 6 or 7 years, I suppose. It should be interesting. I used to hang out with this girl all the time, we were damn near best friends. I’m curious to see what she’s done with herself. I understand she’s a teacher now, which is funny, because she hated school so much.

I got new balcony furniture. I know. WooHoo, right? But, I have been sitting in those foldable ballpark nylon chairs w/o a table to even hold the ashtray all summer. Now, my balcony is like an oasis. Two large comfy beach chairs, a matching wood table, a new planter for my three-leaf plant, hanging basket plants, and two hummingbird feeders. It’s stellar.

Mopsa‘s baby is here! I’m so excited for her new beginning. Let the sleepless nights commence!

I know I’ve been absent. I also know I promised last time I would stick around and write more, but I am busy looking for a new place to live; planning out of town trips; also, I am busy with my girl, seeing flicks, having dinner, riding go-karts, and doing whatever.