Candy, Curious, Kites, and Classes.

I have not posted for nearly two weeks. Some might say I am in a blogging slump. Apparently, I have been for months now.

I am still very much so busy with work. One thing I particularly like about my new postion, (besides the dramatic increase in pay), is the fact that I get to write my own schedule. This is some serious candy. Like Pop Rocks, Sugar Babies, and a Whatchamacallit, all rolled into one. Serious sweetness.

I am half-way through “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon. It’s a novel written through the vantage point of an autistic boy who is… “15yrs, and 3 months old.” I am very much into it, and the novel has taken a turn for the darker. I am interested to see how it turns out. Having an autistic nephew, I find myself thinking, ‘I wonder if this is how (nephew) will think in the future.’ To be honest, if he does, he will be the most remarkable, honest, respectable, and trustworthy being on the face of the planet. I like to think of my nephew like this, both now, and in the future. I love him so.

The new girl and I are very into ourselves and what we have. We are very playful, which I think I need right now. The last two relationships I had were not very playful. They were far too serious for their own good. What I have now is very good for me. I feel like the person I am meant to be. I feel awesome and ready to give 200% of myself. Aaaahhh…

I have lots planned for the summer. I am going to hit the zoo at leat 4 times with my daughter, and buy a bigger kite to fly. I want to take the girl to a glass blowing class with me, and I want to enroll myself in a sword-weilding class. Secretly, I want to take some kind of plant-aranging class, but I’ve not had time to research this. I want to take classes about everything. Right now, it’s Tai Chi, sword-weilding, and gardening. My brain is such a sponge, and it’s so very thirsty.

So. Very. Thirsty.

Anita Liberty Strikes Again!

Anita Liberty, the author of How To Heal The Hurt By Hating, whom I’ve mentioned on the site a few times, has a new book out in June. It’s titled How To Stay Bitter Through The Happiest Times Of Your Life. I am rather excited about this. I don’t even have to buy the book. Wanna know why? Because, Anita Liberty contacted me and said she’d send a copy. Goodness. The $n I pay monthly to host this site will have been all worth it when that book arrives. I’m sick with excitement. Also, she openly admits that she’s selling out, and now has a cafepress store. Also, they’re reissuing How To Heal The Hurt By Hating with a new cover. The current copy I have, with the old cover, is signed (and nearly priceless).

Another excerpt from How To Heal The Hurt By Hating:

He won’t be different.
Only better.

better in bed,
better for me,
better than you.

And I won’t be different.
Only better off without you.”


I think the Bonsai tree is near dead. I walked out on my balcony this morning and it looked horrible. My other two plants have weathered fine, but the the Bonsai is near passing. Oh well.

I interviewed for a new position yesterday. The interview baffled me. I was asked three questions, and then was preached to for about 40 minutes regarding the current state of services and how my company views them. I didn’t think it had gone that well. My ex-supervisor called me today, and told me that he heard my interview had gone very well and that I had nothing to worry about it. I am so confused. I find out by Friday whether I got the position or not. I can’t wait.

I totally had a date at the library today where I caused physical pain to someone using a rubberband and a keychain library card. Unintentionally, I drew blood.

I thought about going to the driving range this evening, but have decided that a movie and a soda on the couch will suit me just fine. I am hoping to get Brokeback Mountain from the Redbox. I’ll be bawling my eyes out all night.

My Windows machine, the Beast, has been running slowly as of late. I think it may have contracted a virus from another HDD. So, I decided to reformat the drive and install Media Center 2005 for the operating system. To be honest, I am not impressed by Media Center. It may come in handy, though, when I finally move, get some high speed, and set up the box as a PVR. But, by that time, I’ll probably be able to use a Mac Mini as my media center.