Today, I got off work pretty early, and so I met up with the girl and we went to take an Anheuser Busch brewery tour. The brewery tour is so great, because at the end you get two free beers. There’s not a damn thing wrong with free beer, in my opinion. After the free beer tour and a quick beer glass purchase in the gift shop, we headed over to Delmar to grab dinner. I had intended to go to Brandt’s, but we headed across the street to go to Blueberry Hill. Afterwards, we headed to Ted Drewes for a banana split. This young lady has absolutely killed my diet. Following that, we took a car tour of various subburbs in the St. Louis area.

It’s so interesting to be always observant and sponge-like, taking in every word, look, smile, and sigh of another. I had a moment, today, that she probably didn’t even notice. We were walking, side by side, occasionally bumping into each other, and she was telling me a story from the past about her pseudo-family and a golf cart. Her hands were moving, telling a story of mowing down neighbor’s flowers and taking out patches of grass; and her mouth was moving, providing sound effects for emphasis. She’s entirely animated, and I fucking love it. When she tells me (and I’m sure everyone else) a story, she looks at me, always checking for understanding. I always ask her to tell me something about herself. She swears she’s told me stuff she’s never told anyone else. I want to hear everything, though. I want to hear random stuff like childhood stories, as I did today. I want them to always be told in the most amazingly animated way possible, with hand movement and sound effects.

It’s moments like these that make me sure I like this girl.

Linkage, and other stuff. always has the best to offer, and so I am adding them to my sidebar.

I’ve decided what I am doing with my day tomorrow. I am making a dead hard drive wind chime! My blogroll had a lot of interesting posts today, with the dead HDD wind chime making the top of the list. Mopsa had good news; I need to check out Poisoned, a P2P app for Mac OS X; I need to read The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs; also, I have a new webcomic to check out, Wondermark.

So, by next Friday, I will know if I have a new job or not. I am sick and excited with worry. I can’t fricken stand it. Friday, the 5th, is MY BIG DAY. I don’t need prayers. I need preparation. Paperwork, nervousness, and interviews. Interviews make me want to grate my eyes out.

The new girl and I are still hanging out very much. We’ve planned to go to Vegas in mid June. If all goes well with the new job, I am going in full force. It will be an award to myself, like a huge pat on the back.

Batman & Robin

Batman Belt BuckleI came upon this belt buckle the other day, while shopping with my sister. It has replaced my other chunky belt buckle as daily wear. My friend Lori thought it was semi-ridiculous, but cool just the same. Sometimes I dun nun nun the Batman theme and put my thumbs behind it for a laugh. It was either this or a color Superman buckle. I opted for Batman, because Superman is so ’83.

Dun nun nun nun nun nun nun nun, Batman!

Falling is like this…

I hope it’s just a phase that I haven’t been posting very frequently.

Falling is crazy. Girls are crazy. Falling for a girl is crazy. Falling for a girl that I swore was entirely out of my league is entirely crazy. I see her and smile. I see her and laugh. I see her and swoon. She leaves and I wonder when she will return. She returns and I never want her to leave.

Love is like falling, and falling is like… this.

Le Sigh…

Bonsai… Frisbee!!!!

I was given a small, but developed, bonsai tree for my birthday, back in February. I trimmed it, watered it, and watched it daily. Recently, though, it has been turning grey in certain areas. It’s been in front of the fish tank, with very little day light, but plenty of water. This evening, I decided to set it outside. I am hoping that the recent warmth will somehow fix its “greyness.” If not, I may need to run to a local shop for an intervention. I love/hate this bonsai tree. I love that it’s a bonsai, that I can shape it, mold it, and “control” its direction. I hate that it was given to me by my ex. Ugghh…

It has been pretty warm in St. Louis for the past few days. In fact, it was so warm that I met the girl I am pseudo-seeing at the park tonight for an extended frisbee toss. I love the game of frisbee. Pretty simple, right? Toss, catch… toss, catch… I don’t get why I love it so much. I used to play frisbee golf, when I lived in VA, all the time. I love the way it feels to toss a disc, almost perfectly, and the way it feels to catch it, just the same. Guess what? The girl I am pseudo-seeing can toss a frisbee like no other. Le sigh…

So, the ball rolls the 17th. Officially. I’m not playing this time. I’m, how you say, excited!


Aaah, Monday.

I had a pretty good weekend, filled with work, Tai Chi, and more alone time with the new girl. It’s strange to not see someone “exclusively,” even though that’s what’s happening. I’m having so much fun.

Today, I was going to update my site by installing a new theme. But, I’m not sure if I have the time to do that. I am pretty particular about the way I want things to look, including font size and placement of certain things, which leaves me to do some heavy modifying of any theme I choose. I think I may edit a theme locally, over the next few days, and upload it later this week, but don’t hold your breath. It’s not that I lack motivation, it’s the time thing.

The big ball at work, that was to drop the 1st, is rolling on Thursday. It should be interesting. My sup’ has been on vacation the past week, and I’m pretty excited to see him tomorrow and let him know what I’ve been working on. I think he’ll smile.

Tonight, I am going out for a dinner “date.” I’ve yet to decide where to take her, though. I’ve made reservations at three places, but still don’t even know if I want to take her to any of the three places I have chosen. Le Sigh…

This week looks pretty good for adventure. The Girl and I have made plans to return to D&B’s on Friday, and so I have found an all-night sitter for the sprout. Should be a good time!