I apologize for the l33t sPe4k, but I think it’s funny today. I fixed my iPod without going to the Apple store. I figured the arm on the damn thing was kind of jammed, so I wrapped it in a towel, and dropped it from about waist-height to the floor. I’m totally serious. Then, I hooked it up to my Windows machine, which recognized it without fail (go figure), and ran a restore. Then, I moved all 3,962 tracks back, and everything seems fine. It’s entirely ironic that it took dropping the thing and hooking it up to a Windows box to fix it.

Note: Results may vary.

Technological Karma

The other night my iPod, which I purchased less than two years ago and, also, which has seen minimal use, started clicking and freaking out. The HDD was *click clicking* pretty badly, and would stop in mid play. Last night I picked it up to listen to some Flaming Lips, and couldn’t get the sick little guy to play even one track. So, I did a soft reset, and the after the iPod rebooted it showed that there was no music on it at all. I thought the Master Boot Record was shot, so I hooked it up to my Powerbook to restore it, but it wouldn’t initialize. Disk utility sees the drive, but can’t repair it. FuX0r. I was to go to the zoo today, but it is pretty nasty outside, so I think I’ll run to the Apple store and talk with a *genius.* I’m semi-irritated about this, as just last month I was given final notice to get the Apple Care for the stupid thing. Not having a wink of trouble, I really had no cause to purchase it. But, now I’m regretting that decision.

FuX0r TeH iP0d!

Now that I think about it, this must be technological karma. So, if you were at the Bread Co. yesterday morning, around 10ish, and found that you were having some seriously slow internet connectivity on their wireless network, it’s because I was downloading a 130MB file. Ummm, sorry?

Bizzy Izzy

So, I’ve been super busy with work, family, a new girl I’ve been hanging out with, and Sudoku.

Work is taking over my life, but I have to admit that I love my job so much, so it doesn’t really bother me. I am looking forward to big things taking place. I hear that April 1st is the day that the big ball is going to roll. April Fool’s Day. Isn’t that fancy?

My nephew had some freak happening take place. My brother said he woke up one morning to find the little guy’s left eye had gone lazy. Weird. So, they rushed him to a hospital, had CT scans done, and then had to take him to the eye doctor to get glasses. Little John is just shy of two years old, and now he’s in glasses. Of course, my brother always looks on the bright said, and states, “He sure does look handsome in his new glasses.” Apparently, he doesn’t get bothered by the fact that he’s wearing them and pretty much ignores them.

And this new girl is taking a hold on me. I’m super fascinated by her, but know getting into something serious right now is not in my best interest. But, I find myself wanting to spend all of my free time with her.

And then, there’s Sudoku. A lot of people have been doing this at work, during downtime. So, I grabbed a pencil one day and went after it. I work right next to a book store, so I went over there the other day and bought a book in the Martial Art of Sudoku series. Guess what? I’m a Green Belt, working towards a brown belt. Uh huh. That’s right.

Goal: Achieved!

I bought a pair of pants about three weeks ago that were intended to be my “goal jeans,” two sizes smaller than what I currently wear. They were going to be the jeans that I would wear to Pridefest 2006 this summer. There’s a problem. Well, not really a problem, more like a surprise, if you will. I have been noticing that all of my pants are getting really big on me. Like huge. I’m on the last hole of the belt, and they’re totally falling off my ass. So, I walked to the closet today to try on my “goal jeans,” and they fit. Very well, I might add. I am going out with a gal tonight, and I think I might just wear them, with one of my new threadless tees, and my chunky belt buckle. Shit, I might even faux hawk my hair.

Yes, I am still very much hard core into my diet. My clothes look huge on me. I need to go shopping, for all the right reasons.

Today is my first meeting with the therapist. I am ready to spill my guts.

So, I figure…

… that has to be the most fucked up thing I have heard all week.

When I think about it, though, I don’t get angry. I kind of shake my head, and then I laugh a little bit, and then I say, “WOW.” Like, wow, dude…

And then, I think, “Hmm.. this reminds me of a passage from a book:”

A woman.
Like me.
Not like me.
Poor Heather.
Not like me.
Because now Mitchell’s her problem.
Poor Heather.
how to heal the hurt by hating by Anita Liberty

Wow. Like, wow, dude…


My weekend was insanely great. I had a nice date on Saturday. I took the girl to Dave and Buster’s. Good times. After playing multiple arcade games, and going through a few Long Islands and beers, we got hungry, and took off to a restaurant. It was pretty much a perfect night. I’m so glad I chose Plan B.

Today starts a busy week. I have three tests in three classes; one of them is this evening. I’m ready to get this week started, as the sooner it starts, the sooner it finishes.

I saw stars…

I am going over to my older sister’s house for stir-fry tonight. She has been interested in this dieting thing; so, equipped with my wok, I am going to go over and fix her dinner.

There’s not much else on the agenda today, except detailing my car. I had intended to make a to-do list last night, but ran out of time before a gal came over. By the time she left at 2:30, a to-do list was the furthest thing from my mind.

I have a date on Saturday. So surreal. The stars aligned for this one.