Another Kind of Green

Being the (solo) John Mayer fan I am, I have ignored the John Mayer Trio album, Try!, but I am slowly realizing that it is disgustingly good, as all of his solo stuff is. My favorite track right now is called Another Kind of Green. A snippet:

And I don’t need another kind of green to know
I’m on the right side
I’m on the right side with you
With you

So go and drift away from me
Adopt some new philosophy
That doesn’t hold the two of us in mind
Move into someone else’s place
Stare into some other’s eyes
But slowly only come to realize

That you didn’t need another kind of green to know
I’m on the right side
You’re on the right side
I’m on the right side with you

Chi, and the Deputy

I had T’ai Chi Ch’uan this morning and for the (truly) first time, I felt my Chi. I felt myself building it, rolling it, and harnessing it. My professor stopped in the middle of an exercise and called me out, stating that she could hear me breathing. She proceeded to ask me if I could “feel it?” She said she had been watching me and said she could see me feeling it. I felt weird being called out, but I could feel a massive amount of energy flowing through my body. I was abuzz. My professor has been calling each student out, asking them to lead the class in the form; but, shyly, I have excused myself each week. This morning, she called on me, and after executing the three movements we have learned, my professor said that I had performed “beautifully,” and that I was “very flowing and graceful,” as the Chen style is meant to be. I felt on top of the world.

In the room where I have class, one wall is a mirror, so we watch ourselves going through the movements. Today, I was staring at myself in the mirror, leaning against the opposite wall, and noticed how much thinner I was. Kick ass.

I have to be up and at em tomorrow, as I am attending a supervisor meeting at work. They’re talking about giving me my sup’s job, as he might be moving to another area. “Deputy my last name” has a nice ring to it, I have to admit.

Life goals

Before I die, I want to see James Taylor in concert. I’ve moved it up to the must do list on the list of things I’d like to do before I die.

Other things on my list (not necessarily must do, though):

The last one hits home for me, as I have a nephew with autism who just completed a developmental program that will enable him to go to a regular kindergarten in the fall. There he will go to school as any other child and, with assistance, meet life long goals that any parent has for their child. I just want to give back is all, and so I downloaded a Volunteer form that I plan on getting in the mail pretty soon. Also, after so many hours of volunteer service, the business i work for will make a monetary donation. All around, it’s a win-win situation.

Land of 1,000 friends

I’ve been “chatting” with this chick in my Algebra class, ya know, small talk. Like:

Hi. How are you? Your shirt is cute. How was the homework?

That kind of stuff. Well, I finally got around to asking her more questions, like where she works, what she’s into. As we were leaving, she handed me a slip of paper with, of all things, her page and her AIM info. I reciprocated with the same.

Networking fascinates the hell out of me, especially in the online sense. Validity of connectedness can come in several ways, like linking to someone, or adding someone as a “friend,” whether on a social networking site or in a chat program. Normally, especially on sites like myspace, the person gets added to a long list of other people who have requested validation in the past, and who you really have no strong connection to. I am very choosey about who I add as friends on these sites. It’s either someone who I see in my day to day, or someone who I don’t see in my day to day that I keep in contact with via these sites. I see people on myspace with over a hundred “friends,” and I honestly wonder what the hell is going on there. Is adding a friend on a social networking site that fleeting? I have 19 friends on myspace. Not many. The difference is that I can speak to every one of them.


After an evening of drinking (until about 3:30am) and a random conversation on the bathroom floor with my long time friend last night, I was up and at em super early this morning to get the sprout to speech therapy at 9. The last time we went, I got to go in the room with her and watch. This time, no. I had to sit in the waiting room after watching someone take my little baby out of sight. She came bouncing out after an hour with a three-ring bright red binder that is now “her book,” which contains her “homework.”

Afterwards, I met up with my mother and went grocery shopping. I bought hella chicken and hella veggies for stir-fry, and hella fruit for my breakfast in the mornings as I am still going strong with my diet plan. I weighed myself today – down nine pounds. It’s not a numbers thing with me, though, as I personally can feel differences in my energy level and overall feeling which is most important.

I’m home now, and currently seasoning my wok. It’s quite a process, actually. 4 scrubbings, 4 oilings, and 4 heatings at 425 degrees for 20 minutes. I’m currently on number 2.

I’ve got stir-fry, MTV, and homework on the agenda this evening. Big night ahead of me, wouldn’t you say?

iTunes meme

I rarely do memes, but I saw this over at Neil’s and had to take part.

How many total songs?

I have 3662 items in iTunes. I say items, because some of them are audiobook chapters. The 3662 equals 11.7 days, and takes up 16.58 GB on my hard drive.

Sort by song title – first and last?

* First: ? by Outkast, from the Stankonia album.
* Last: Your Sweet Voice by Reindeer Section from the Son of Evil Reindeer album.

Sort by time – shortest and longest?

* Shortest: Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse, clocking in at 0:13.
* Longest: Bitches Brew by Miles Davis, clocking in at 26:59.

Sort by Album – first and last?

* First: 5, a Lenny Kravitz album.
* Last: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, by the Flaming Lips.

Sort by Artist – first and last?

* First: The’s
* Last: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Top five played songs?

This is my 15″ PB library, so it is only current since I got it (August).

1. If I Ain’t Got You from Alicia Key’s Acoustic album.
2. Virginia Woolf from the Indigo Girls’ Rites of Passage album.
3. My Way Home from Kanye West’s Late Registration album.
4. You And I Both from Jason Mraz’s Acoustic album.
5. Carolina In My Mind from James Taylor’s Greatest Hits album.

Find the following words. How many songs show up?

* Sex: 11
* Death: 1
* Love: 249
* You: 411
* Home: 36
* Boy: 55
* Girl: 112

The last one is not very accurate since using the search function in iTunes searches song titles, artists, and album names. I didn’t run through and count the songs, specifically. I just noted the number that iTunes returned.

Note: I wrote this post on 1/23, but didn’t publish it. i can’t remember why…

BREW, not an OS!

This is another phone related post, so reader beware.

Before I got my phone to sync via Bluetooth today, I went to the Verizon Wireless store in search of a USB cable, thinking that would make things easier. When I went in, the first lady told me that my phone didn’t have Bluetooth.

Me: Ahem, excuse me?
Her: Yeah, the phone might say it has Bluetooth, but it actually doesn’t. In fact, a lot of our phones say they have Bluetooth, but they don’t really.
Me: Wrinkled brow, confused frown.
Her: Blink blink, cheery smile.

I proceed to explain to her that it does, in fact, have Bluetooth. She proceeds to hand me off to someone else.

Him: Yes it does have Bluetooth, but there’s no way it would work with a Mac computer. Ever. In fact, the phones are Windows-based and therefore have no Mac compability.
Him: (And I quote!) The phone’s OS is only compatible with Windows due to it’s filesystem and hard drive being similar to Windows.
Me: More wrinkled brow, even more confused frown.
Him: Blink blink, cheery smile.

So, I left the store feeling dumber than when I went in. I would like to clear some things up, mostly for me, and possibly for the folks at VZW. First, and foremost, the VZW sales people are poor bullshitters. The worst. That “mumbo jumbo” may have worked on a less tech savvy person, but you’re not fooling this geek.

Two points:

  • CDMA phones, excluding smart phones, have no “OS.”
    They do have a file system, or a platform, called BREW, in this case. It’s similar to a series of scripts with a UI, much like UNIX (but not), in that the user can select preferences and turn values on and off, kind of like the zero and ones concept. There’s no OS, and there’s certainly no hard drive. When I heard that, I had to walk away, as it’s sort of entirely flash-based (kind of, but it stores preferences [which discounts it as flash]).
  • Secondly, BREW is not geared towards Windoze.
    The BREW platform that this phone encompasses is as far from Windows as you can get. In fact, with its UNIX-like structure it is much closer to the Mac OS, which is not to imply that it has any more or less compatibility with either OS. It’s a file system that can be browsed and modified on any Operating System, including Linux, with proper connectivity and/or drivers.

Phew…. I was at work today, and I kept thinking about his little schpeal, and it grated me. Cuz I’m a geek, I guess. Glad I could clear things up.


I got my phone to sync to my 15″ Powerbook today, via Bluetooth, and set it up as a Bluetooth serial port in Bitpim. I was able to download information from my phone, and send new ringtones to my phone as well. The new Bitpim program is intense! You can download from your phone your instant message conversations and view all of the calls you have ever made on the phone. Pretty cool.

In the hunt for ringtones, I have retuned to the source, Verizon Wireless. At time of posting, the ringtone mp3 opens up in a javascript pop-up window for your listening pleasure. A slight deterent, it is still entirely possible to download their high quality mp3 TruTones by playing around with the URLs. Entering “” into the address bar, and then the “sound/vttone/whatever.mp3″ that accompanies the javascript pop up window after that, you can get the direct link to the file. Easy as pie.

I’ve got a long work day today, so i will not have time to really play until this evening or tomorrow. I got the hard part, getting the device to sync, out of the way, though.

Wallpapers: External screen res is 320×198, internal screen res is 320×320, but viewable size is actually 320×222.

LG vx9800

LG vx9800Today, I purchased the phone to end all phones (excluding the Tre0 650 and 700). I acquired the LG vx9800 aka “The V”, from Verizon Wireless. It’s a candy bar style phone when closed, and flips open from the side revealing an amazing panoramic screen view, two decent speakers, and a full QWERTY keyboard. On the back is a very cool looking 1.3 Megapixel camera, with multiple settings. The phone has a built in mp3 player, as well as an SD slot. Along with it I purchased a 512MB mini SD card, and have put a few mp3s on it for testing purposes. The mp3 player alphabetizes the files, so I’ve decided to put mine in the Artist – Song Title.mp3 format, which makes it much easier to find for obvious reasons. A few things I have found, thus far, that I don’t like:

  • 1.) You can’t use your SD mp3s as ringtones.
    While I understand that Verizon is in the business of making money, this is stupid. Of course there are alternative means of achieving this, notably through Bitpim, a program I used to customize my vx4400 back in the day.
  • 2.) You can’t search your mp3s.
    I can search my contacts, or quick hop, by pressing “N” for Nancy, but I can’t do the same with my mp3s. So, if I have a 2GB card, with 500 songs on it I would have to scroll through copius amounts of music to get anywhere near the middle of the alphabet.
  • 3.) Bluetooth is severely crippled.
    In fact, I couldn’t even get it to connect to my Powerbook via BT. Even though they have file sharing for the vx9800 turned off and several other features disabled, it would be great if I could get it to sync for other purposes. If the phone is connected via BT, Bitpim will recognize the phone and treat it like it is mounted on a COM port. Very cool, if I could get it to work.
  • 4.) VCast costs $15/month.
    As I said before, I know VZW is in the game to make cash. At that price, though, I think I might hold off. That’s the cost just to connect to the network. If you actually want content… you have to pay for that too. But, that $15/month does give the user unlimited web access, which doesn’t deplete plan minutes. At least that’s what the VZW guy told me.

So, this is my new baby. My new toy. Once I get this Bluetooth thing figured out I am going to do some heavy customizing. I’m mostly looking forward to that.


I dropped the sprout off today with her dad. It’s so interesting to see someone who you haven’t seen in a while, and realize that they have not changed one bit. Hmmm…

So, I hvae the whole house to myself and nothing to do really. I could do some anthropology homework…nah. I think I am going to take an nap and then wake up and go see Brokeback Mountain. It’s a treat yourself kind of day. Sweet.

To Vegas, Or Not To Vegas?

It’s the end of the infamous V-Day. I was asked if I’d like to go Vegas on Friday about three hours ago. I can afford it. I really want to. So bad. Desperately. But, if I do, it’s the only vacation I can take this half of the year, and I’d have to do some major rearranging at work. Vegas. Why did I have to get asked today? Why couldn’t I have been asked, like, two weeks ago? The flight, alone, is ridiculously over-priced at this stage in the game, and I wouldn’t even be able to fly along with the person who asked me. I’d have to meet up with them when I arrived. While it’s entirely tempting, I just don’t think it would be a good move at this point in time. I want to go. I need some convincing. Badly. Stay here and save some cash, or go and have the time of my life? I live by the words, “you only live once,” but I am in that stage of my life where responsible thinking sets in and foils my dreams. Meh…

This is my wok. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I ordered a wok yesterday, but not as a direct result of going to Tai Chi. I am interested in cooking low-fat food on the regular. I even bought a cook book for my wok. My wok will able me to cook good stuff that’s ultimately good for me. Low calorie and all.

Basically, I am on a diet. A hard core one. 2005 was supposed to be my year to get this going, but I fell short. 2006 rolled in, threw some stuff in my face, and now I have decided to get better about things. I’ve not had a soda in four days, and I’ve put myself on a strict diet of salad, grilled chicken, vegetables, and small portions of rice. I’ve even replaced meals with (good lord) protein bars and shakes. Somehow I managed to lose 4 lbs in the past 5 days. My energy level is through the roof. Absurdly. I’m not complaining, of course.