Today was a good day, in that weird kind of way. Hey hey. I’ll preface: The other day I noticed my back passenger tire (back left/right?) was pretty low on air, so I drove to a gas station, filled it, and didn’t think anything of it – until today. My daughter and I walked out to the car, where I found the same tire in the same state, its rim barely off the pavement. I drove to the tire store and checked my car in, hoping it would not take long. Before I tell you the resolution, I must add one more fact. Today was supposed to officially be “no more diapers” day for my daughter. It would free her of the plastic, Pamperish binding, and free me of buying and changing them. So, back at the tire store, and diaper free, we sat waiting for the car to be fixed. I asked my daughter numerous times if she had to – you know what – and she said, “no.” Finally the car was fixed (just a nail… just a patch… just twenty bucks), and Little Mary and I walked to the counter to pay our dues. I was talking to the guy, signing the paper, and looked down to find my daughter standing in a pool of liquid. Not thinking at all about what had happened, I said to the guy, “Oh, someone must have spilled something on the floor over here.” Then I looked at Little Mary’s pants, and my eyes went wide. Damnit. Trying not to cause a scene or draw attention to her, I handed the paper back to the guy, and placed myself strategically between him and my sprout, blocking his view of her wet (soaked) pants. So, that was the tire.

We went home, showered, and then ran around some more. I had to go to campus to settle some business, and grab a book.

We then met my girl for dinner, a trip to the comic book shop, and upon exiting I ran into an old co-worker. The situation, and the conversation after, with Katie, reminded me of how socially ridiculous I am. I have pretty poor social skills, but apparently only when my girlfriend is around. I don’t get it.

So, at the comic book store, I got issue #9 in the Girls series by The Luna Brothers, TechJacket, and Tiny Giants by Nate Powell. I also got Little Mary and I some Strawberry Pocky. So yummy.

Then I came home, walked into my room, and decided to rearrange the entire place. So, I did. Day over.


This morning, bright and early at 10 am, I had my first Taiji (T’ai Chi) class. I really enjoyed it. A lot. I wanted to stay and learn more movements. The rest of my day went pretty smoothly. I downloaded all five .iso’s for SuSE 10.0 for 64-bit systems from opensuse.org and am currently installing Linux on my Windows box on a secondary 6GB partition. I’ve always wanted a dual boot system for no good reason, really. So, after resolving Linux’s desire to delete the three other Windows partitions, I finally got it to install as root on its own playplace of a partition. I wanted to get this finished tonight, and since it’s installing disc 4 of 5 already, I think i can wait around for the end result. It’s ten of one here, and it’s very much so past my bedtime. Tomorrow, a baby shower, dinner with my girl, and an L Word get together. I luuurve being so busy.

My Widget Wish List

In iTunes, you can now add lyrics to individual tracks under the song info. While this is ideal, it would be entirely too difficult and time consuming to do for 3,642 tracks. The only thing that brought this to mind was the fact that I downloaded George Michael’s Ladies and Gentleman album, an all encompassing greatest hits album, and each mp3 had a companion .txt file with lyrics typed out.

We have a widget that will grab album art; in fact, we have two! Now we need a widget that will scrape lyrics for a track and add them to iTunes.

2006, Year of the Backup

Happy New Year!

I spent New Year’s Eve with my girlfriend at a queer bar, watching a drag show, drinking beer, and dancing my ass off to a Michael Jackson medley. It was, quite possibly, the perfect night.

It’s the first of the New Year, and so I’ve decided to do a major backup of my music, photos, and other documents. Backing up 17GB of music to an external hard drive is only going to take 28 minutes. Kick ass. I haven’t synced my Mac and Windows machine since I moved to the new spot; therefore, I am missing about four months of music on my Windows machine. My most recently attained album, Mary J. Blige’s The Breakthrough, is quite awesome and therefore needs to be on both machines. I backup documents on a weekly basis, but I am not as timely with my music and photo backups. I figured I’d start the new year with a major backup, and make it a point to more frequently (monthly) back up my priceless pictures and music.

If you have some time today, do a backup of all things crucial.