.Trashes = .Lame

I am having cross-platform issues. At home, I use my 15″ PowerBook to do everything except burn DVDs, which I do on my neglected Windows box. I use my 1GB flash drive to transfer data between systems. The day after Thanksgiving, I managed to score a $150 eMachine tower (Celeron D, 80GB, 256 DDR) for my daughter, which now resides in her “office.” Due to the holiday season, I have been unable to do much with it, besides unbox it, slap it on a mini-desk and load a few games. Tonight, I am finally getting around to loading iTunes, which will house a few kids albums. I downloaded an iTunes set-up on my PowerBook, transferred it to my flash drive, but that failed due to lack of space. I moved stuff off of the drive, but drive space was not increasing. Knowing the problem, I ejected the drive and took it to a Windows machine. I enabled hidden file viewing on my daughter’s PC and saw the “.Trashes” folder left behind, hoarding 200MB of space on my flash drive. Does anyone know how to prevent the .Trashes folder, the .DS_ file, and all the other random files that Macs create from being created? What is the point of deleting the stuff if it does not truly delete it, and hides it so that you cannot even see it in an OS X environment? Any help?

Mom said lied, “I’m not getting involved.”

Umm, is it Christmas yet?

Tomorrow, I have to go to two “Christmases,” one with my daughter’s grandparents, which I’m secretly excited about, and then one my parents and siblings. My mom has somehow transformed Christmas Eve into this day-long stint, which sucks. I dropped by my folks’ house this evening, and discussed with my younger sister (Ms. Can I Give You Your Gifts NOW? How About Now?) that we should definitely do the Christmas thing earlier, as my girl wants me for the evening. Originally, it was set so that we would all meet shortly after one o’ clock, exchange gifts, go to church together, and then go our separate ways. My older sister thought we were exchanging gifts after church, and so we informed her otherwise. My mother, Ms. I’m Not Getting Involved Or Making Any Plans, through two phone calls somehow changed our early afternoon plans to evening plans. So, MINGIOMAP definitely got involved and managed to rearrange plans already set. This irritates the hell out of me. My mother claims that I have nothing else to do and that nothing else is more important than family. My mother is also in complete denial that I am a flipping homo with a girlfriend.

So, my plan is to show up early, keep my mouth shut, and look for an early out.

At what age is it entirely appropriate to stand up to my parents mom, and explain that I cannot bend in some situations, that I am trying to cultivate a family, and that her scheduling inhibits that?


This morning, I woke up and had hashbrowns, sausage, and coffee for breakfast. It was a feast of celebration. What was I celebrating? Oh, just the fact that my daughter spilled 12oz of chocolate milk all over my brand new couch. That’s worth clebrating, no?

Today, I have to get a package in the mail (or I will be in big trouble), and I have to get a few pictures developed. After that, work. My day off did not last long enough.

WYSIWY… Who cares?

I hate WYSIWYG editors, with a passion. I find them to be more troubling than writing out coded entries. The new WordPress 2.0 is shipping with a new WYSIWYG editor turned on by default, and it has odd behavior. If you add a link and then save your post, the link is… err linked still in editing mode. I hate that! To turn it off – access the options panel, and you can uncheck a check box regarding the bloated HTML editor.

I am so used to writing out my own HTML that the thought of having to learn how to let something else do it for me disturbed me. Turning it off eased that disturbance.

Carousel Ride

My sister and I took our two daughters to lunch today and then decided to hop a carousel ride afterwards. Faust Park houses the St. Louis Carousel that only costs $1 to ride. Little Mary and I have been before, but my sister and her daughter, Frances have not. Kids get the goofiest looks on their faces when they think they’re doing something super special. I love that look.

I upgraded my WordPress blog to ver. 2.0 RC-3. This took place without a glitch, which is good because I would not have had the time to scour my files looking to fix bad code.

I dowloaded Jamie Foxx’s album, Unpredictable. It features artists like Ludacris, Mary J. Blige, and Common. Kanye West, of course, is featured as well.


Last Friday was my daughter’s 3rd birthday. We spent the day between various important people and then ended up at dinner with my parents, siblings, and their children. Dinner was lame, so Katie, Little Mary and I split. We ended up ordering Chinese food, and on my way back from picking it up I stopped at a McDonald’s to check out their Redbox kiosk. $1 per night. So, I rented Madagascar for the sprout, and was impressed with how easy it is to rent a DVD through Redbox. I’ll probably be using the service more since I found a Widget for free Redbox codes. It’s cheaper than Netflix, but the selection is only about 1/100th of what Netflix has. Using it to rent movies for the kid will be awesome, though.

If you do nothing else, click through to the Redbox site and watch the flashing images. One of them is of a woman and two children pointing at a movie at a kiosk display. The flick? Kinsey. Funny…

p.s. WordPress is on its way to 2.0. I am going to try downloading RC3 and running it. I am curious to see what has changed for WP. I don’t blog nearly as much as I used to, but I like to stay current.

Quick update

I am bored and looking for something new to do. What will it be?

The Fall semester is almost over. I have class this evening, a final tomorrow, and a five page paper due by the weekend. After that, a short break and then the Spring semester. I’ve already registered, and have found myself in another math class, an Anthropology course, Spanish, and Tai Chi. It should be an easy semester.

Christmas is so soon. My daughter’s birthday is even sooner. This Friday, the Sprout will be three.

Mac-based ornaments

Red ornamentsVia TUAW, here are some neat-o Mac-based ornaments for your Christmas tree. I’m downloading quite a few, more so to save for later, as stuff like this tends to disappear from the web all the time. Enjoy…

There’s a template you can download to create your own. I may try to make a few, with pictures of the sprout, and give them to family to hang.

My favorite would be the PostSecret Mac. It will be on my tree tonight…