More than what I bargained for

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am rather excited to go to my ma’s house, eat turkey, surf the web wirelessly, and be in the company of my larger family. I love the Holidays. Today, after work, I picked up my daughter, grabbed some dinner, and then went shopping for Christmas lights to decorate my balcony. I figured that I’d better hang them now, as my holiday season is going to be extremely busy. In I walked, holding my daughter’s hand, expecting to pick up a few strands of lights; out I walked with a 6ft Christmas tree, 32 ornaments, two strands of tinsel (red & silver), and an extremely happy 3 year old. My theme? As I told Katie earlier – tacky. It’s a very tacky tree, with “integrated multi-color lighting,” ornaments staggered, and tinsel barely hanging on.

Got space?

I am always looking for ways to increase the hard drive space of my Mac. I am currently using 1/3 of my disk space, with 15GB of it being music. In an effort to take some of the drive space back, I uninstalled GarageBand, all of its loops, and any other application I never use. I then ran Monolingual 1.2.9, which removes any language packages that are unneeded, and I also ran Printer Setup Repair, which uninstalls any printer drivers not needed. All in all, I saved close to 8GBs of space. That’s 10% of my drive. I feel awesome. An alternative way to save space is to do a fresh install of OS X, and selecting not to install any language packs or printer drivers, and choosing which apps you want installed. While this would be the “cleanest” way, it is not easily done for people that are soaked into their machine and don’t have the time to redo everything they’ve done already.

On an entirely un-related side note, I was interviewed in my Oral Comm class this evening on the topic of computers, and was asked whether I had ever seen anything “silly” done that had ruined a computer. Confused by the word “silly,” I asked what the interviewer meant. She replied with a story about one of her friends that used his CD drive tray to hold his drink. The guy thought it was a cup holder.

Changing the Way I Torrent

I am still downloading Survivor every week from the web so that I can watch it and pretend I am on the ball with this show. Two days ago I started downloading the most recent episode of the show using a torrrent and the torrent client Tomato Torrent for the Mac. It had been a pretty relaible app, but then I noticed it started losing track of what it was doing if it was running for great lengths. It attempted to download the most recent episode of Survivor and it took nearly two days to get about 45%. The other day, I saw at FreeMacWare that there is another open source bittorrent client for the Mac, called Transmission. I opened the rest of the torrent with this app and am seeing speeds, on a wireless network, around three times as much as what I was getting using Tomato. So, I am switching.