Movin’ on up…

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but I am moving this weekend into a new place and have been super busy. Last Saturday I got up, went to the place on a whim, and was notified on Monday that I could move in tomorrow. So, I had to spend the rest of the week shopping for stuff, like a new couch and chair, dishes, etc. I also had to set up services. This location has one major drawback: NO high-speed internet. I think I may die after the first week. I am such a net-head. I am going to wait patiently for DSL, but if it never comes, I may have to spend a little money and get wireless service from Verizon. For now, I am going to use my cell phone as a modem. i can’t justify spending cash on a land-line to get dial-up. I’d rather tie up my cell phone for a short while I use VZW as an ISP. So, tomorrow, I am moving in. The couch and chair are to be delivered in the afternoon, and DirecTV is coming out to set up stuff tomorrow. I will post pictures as I take them.


I managed to find a torrent of last night’s episode of Survivor and it’s downloading now. I also figured that I would grab John Legend’s Get Lifted as it was recommended to me last night.

It’s an overcast day in St. Louis which kind of sucks. Fall is trying so hard to creep in. Today will be spent between the Mac store and shopping for fall clothes for the sprout. It’s pretty bad when you need to put pants on the kid and all you can find are items from last year that now look like capris.

Survivor tonight!

Wow, none of the new people on Survivor: Guatemala are attractive. I’m sure I’ll change my mind after a few episodes; regardless, it begins tonight. I’ll be at work, so I need to record it. I wasn’t able to set up my PVR in time, so I am using the (mostly) trusty method of VHS. Boo…

Meh…: I just tried setting up the VCR and it started eating the tape. Before I could even put a tape in, I had to pull out a DVD that my sprout had jammed in there. I guess it’s time to break down and get a damn DVR. Grr. As for Survivor tonight, I will have to see tomorrow about a torrent for the first episode.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DSI got an Electric Blue Nintendo DS for myself the other day! It’s such a cool gadget with its dual screens. It plays games Game Boy Advanced games, as well as games designed to utilize both of the screens. I grabbed a copy of Super Monkey Ball Jr, a GBA game, and I also got The Urbz: Sims in the City, a DS game. The Urbz is so addictive that I have stayed up past 2am playing it the past three nights. Aagh… It’s a shame really, since I also just picked up a copy of World of Warcraft, and it has seen minimal play time on my computer since I got the DS.

I am mostly looking forward to Animal Crossing: Wild World. I was quite an addict of the version released on the GameCube, so a portable version may ruin my social life indefinitely.

A new HD for the iBook

Last week, on Friday, I finaly installed a new HD into my iBook. i doubled my internal drive space with a 60GB Samsung drive. I also upgraded the speed from 4200rpm to 5400rpm. I can see the difference in seek time, in that the machine responds a lot qicker. Very cool. After the jump, there are two pictures of the iBook stripped down to its insides. They are pretty cool pictures, so check them out.

Taking my notebook apart was pretty stressful. I will have to admit that it wasn’t all smooth sailing. At one point, I had the new hard drive installed, but the combo cd-rw/dvd drive was not being recognized by the system. I had to take it all apart again, see if I did something wrong, and then put it all back together. Replacing the hard drive in an iBook is a ridiculously long and tedious process. I enjoyed doing it the first time, but the second time was not as much fun. The hardest part was getting the bottom of the case off. recommended using a “spludger,” or a thin piece of plastic to run between the shell and the inside skeleton to pop out tabs and remove the bottom case. The item I used? A sturdy plastic knife.

Now, everything is as it was, with a lot more breaithing room, and a lot speedier.

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iBook HD replacement planned!

Last night I was shopping for a new internal hard drive for my iBook. Increasing my drive space would allow me to carry all of my muisc around with me on my machine. I’m very excited about this. After I replace the 30GB drive in my machine with the 60GB Samsung I just purchased, I intend on placing it in the MassCool USB 2.0 drive enclosure for 2.5″ drives I also purchased. Thinking ahead, I am. That means I’ll have two external drives. I currently have a 160GB drive sitting on my desk that I use to swap data between machines and to back up data like music, photos, and important documents. It has never left the house because it’s a bulky piece of equipment that requires an external power source. The 2.5″ enclosure differs greatly. It pulls power from the USB connection, which was a major selling point. Seeing that is so small, it is definitely going in my gadget bag as portable drive. New hard drive for the iBook: $82. Drive enclosure for old drive: $18. Having 30GB in your pocket: Priceless.

Gorillaz, Jason Mraz

Today I added two albums to my ever-increasing music collection.

Demon DaysA huge fan of the Gorillaz’s first album, self titled, I really looked forward to a new release from them. They released Demon Days a little while ago, and I just got around to getting it today. Now that I have it, I imagine it will be spinning quite a bit on all of my hard drives. Aah, having new tunes is great.

Mr. A-ZI also added Jason Mraz’s most recent album, Mr. A-Z. I saw him open for Alanis Morissette, at the Fox, on her Jagged Little Pill Acoustic tour. He put on a great show (honestly, and sadly, a better one than she did); so, I have been interested in hearing new stuff from him.